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Make Your Business Known

Let people discover your business with the help of high-quality and affordable print products. These custom-made promotional tools can help introduce your brand to prospective customers and be functional in their everyday tasks.

Invite Customers to Your Store

Once customers are familiar with your brand, the next step is to get them to your store – whether it’s online or a brick-and-mortar shop. Having your brand and important company details like address, website, or phone number printed on these products will definitely remind to check out your products or services.

Get More Repeat Customers

Update your customers about your new products, store openings, or sales promotions. Get them excited and in the loop with these print products.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy Effectively With High-Quality Print Products

Watch your business take off this year by using high-quality print products to boost your sales promotions. Use custom print products for marketing your business to a wider audience and for setting it apart from the competition. Print business cards, stickers, and labels to introduce customers and prospects to your brand. Utilize flyers, brochures, posters, banners, window clings, and wall decals to get people to visit your store. Get people excited about your product with the help of postcards, booklets, cards, and gift certificates. Using PrintRunner's product calculator, customize your print orders as you please.

Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

For small business owners, every bit of marketing strategy that can help pull them ahead of the competition is worth exploring. Small businesses are called "small" for a reason. Simply put, they don't have the resources (both manpower and funding) and time to go toe-to-toe with bigger and more fiscally-secure counterparts.

Sound marketing strategies that take into consideration the size of the team and availability of resources can be a game changer for small businesses. Rather than try to outspend the big guys in the industry, you can compete with them without hurting your finances and necessitating an augmentation in staffing.

If you're a small business owner, you can increase your sales without spending a huge amount of money on advertising by following the marketing strategies that we listed below.

1. Determine your audience

The first thing to keep in mind is that not everyone is your buyer. For large companies with a diverse set of products, sure this is possible. However, for a small company that only offers a few select products or services? Not likely.

Once you've done away with that thought, the next step is to know who your prospective customers are. This is very important since these people will be what you'll base your advertisements on. What are their pain points and how do they come to a decision on what to purchase? This is where the creation of a buyer persona will be handy to you. With a persona in mind, you wouldn't be shooting aimlessly with your promotions.

2. Center your strategy on your value proposition

Think about this for a moment: If your competitor's product/service and yours are very similar, with no discernible difference, then why should the customer purchase your product instead of the competitor's? This is where your value proposition enters: What are the things that you do best compared to other businesses offering the same products?

It can be the materials you use, your pricing, or the quality of your products. Whatever it is, lean into that when doing promotions.

3. One objective at a time

It might be tempting to include as many objectives as possible when making your marketing plan, since you would want to maximize the resources that you will be using. However, this can lead to you trying to cover too much ground and not accomplishing any of the original objectives you've set.

Instead, consider focusing on one key goal per campaign. What are you hoping to accomplish? Brand awareness? An increase in sales? Or just to engage your recurring customers? The rest of the marketing plan will depend on what you've set as your goal.

4. Keep your repeat customers engaged

Engaging your customers doesn't stop the moment they made a purchase. It is easier to make them buy from you again than attracting a new customer since they already know your brand and trust it enough to buy your product. What you should do is launch initiatives aimed at keeping them engaged and excited about your brand.

You can start a loyalty program that will make them earn points in exchange for coupons or discounts or, at the very least, keep them abreast of products and promotions. Through these initiatives, you can reinforce brand loyalty in them and make them more likely to promote your brand to their networks.

5. Don't forget the power of word of mouth

Customers who are satisfied with their purchases are more likely to recommend your brand to their social circles. They will also be more inclined to leave stellar reviews on your website and give testimonials. The reviews and testimonials that satisfied customers will give you can be used in latter lead generation campaigns.

6. Invest in offline marketing

While everything seems moving into online nowadays, there's still value in placing ads offline. Placing banners or posters in high-traffic areas will add visibility to your brand, even to people that you wouldn't normally consider as prospective customers. This can even make them curious enough to visit your store or website.

Also, for engaging your repeat customers, you can place thank you cards or gift certificates in their packages before you ship them. This will definitely be a welcome surprise them and further reinforce brand loyalty.

Continuously acquiring new customers while keep recurring ones engaged is a key marketing strategy that will help your business scale and expand.

That's why you should go with a trusted custom printing company to print products for marketing your business. PrintRunner is a leading online printing company that offers full customization for your business essentials, competitive pricing, and comprehensive design tools that you can use to customize your marketing materials.

Effective Ways to Market a New Product

If the new product that you came up with gets slaughtered by competitors despite having better benefits or specifications, then you might have a problem with the promotions – be it in the execution or the strategy. Creating a new product is just half the battle; the other half that will win you the war is marketing it properly.

To help you give your new product a fighting chance, we've listed below several things that you can do to market your new product effectively.

1. Hold virtual or in-person events

A product launch is a good way for you to demo the new product and show its benefits or what sets it apart from the competition. This way, you'll also get the opportunity to set the conversation around your product.

It doesn't necessarily have to be in-person. This can be done through live streaming on social media, wherein you can also have a Q&A session with the participants (or engaged prospective customers).

Make sure to adequately prepare for the event. Make people want to come or at the very least curious about it by informing your current customers about the event through mailers or virtual invites and putting up banners that contain just the right amount of information.

2. Get the help of loyal customers through an exclusive preview

Elicit hype for your new product with the help of your loyal customers. Offer them an exclusive preview, ahead of your product launch. This can take the form of a special invitation for them to test or use your new product and then give you feedback. Besides making them feel that you value your opinion, these loyal customers are sure to promote the new product to their social circles.

3. Launch with a special introductory offer

You can further hype up your product launch by making it a part of a special introductory deal. It can be any of the following:

  • Discounted pricing
  • Buy one take one free deal
  • Discounted price if bought with a bundle or package
  • Offer double points if you have a loyalty program
  • Free gift for every purchase or referral

Emphasize that these offers are for a limited time only. Use prominently displayed signs to instill urgency to your customers.

4. Use social media to the fullest

Make the most of your company's social media pages whenever you have product launches. Post updates about it or even use teaser videos to make your audience curious about the new product.

You can also do social media contests with the new product as the price. Once the winners have used the product, ask them for feedback and post the best ones on your social media pages.

If you're knowledgeable about it, you can also use Facebook Ads to promote your product to people who might not have heard of your company before.

Products for Marketing Your Business FAQs

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
The standard turnaround time for most of our products is 3 business days. If you want to receive your order quicker, you can have the production time expedited to same-day or next-day printing.

For the delivery, you can see the estimated delivery date on the order calculator page. After choosing the specifications of your order, enter your ZIP code to see the estimated delivery dates and their corresponding shipping rates.

What are the requirements when uploading artwork on your website?
Keep in mind the following when uploading your artwork:

  1. Our preferred file format is PDF. However, we also accept the following - JPEG, PSD, PNG, TIFF, TIF, EPS, AI, DOCX, DOC, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT,CSV, and Publisher file types.
  2. The artwork must be in CMYK color mode and must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  3. The maximum allowable file size is 100 MB.
  4. Small texts in your artwork should be at 8 pts. and thin lines at 0.5 pt.

If you need assistance regarding your artwork, you may get in touch with our Customer Service team.

How can I reach you if I have concerns regarding my order?
Get in touch with our Customer Service hotline at 888-296-5760. They're available 24 hours from Monday - Friday and from 8am - 5pm PT on Saturday - Sunday. You can also talk to us through our Live Chat feature on the website.

Can I have my artwork checked first before printing?
Yes. We review every submitted artwork for any technical errors before production. If possible, we do the corrections ourselves to streamline the printing process. We will reach out to you via email if the correction needs your input.

Can I get a free proof first before you print my order?
Yes. Upon uploading your artwork, select "I need a PDF proof" and we'll send one to you for review, free of charge. Once you approve the PDF proof, we'll proceed with the printing.