25 Jolly Holiday Christmas Card Designs for Inspiration

This Christmas I'll Give You My Heart - Greeting Card

You, as business owner, should take advantage of the holiday season by developing a Christmas marketing strategy to engage your audience and maximize your profits. Sending out greeting cards to your existing customers, however, accomplishes things that go beyond your strategy: build brand awareness and humanize your relationship.

Print and send out a batch of holiday Christmas cards with beautiful designs to your customers. Although doing this can indirectly draw leads to your business, the important thing is that you are able to share the spirit of Christmas to people who have helped you get where you are today.

If you have yet to come up with a Christmas card design to be sent out, below are excellent examples that you could use as basis for your own card design.

Holiday Christmas Card Designs

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Live it - Happy Holidays



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Holiday Card

S'io fossi il mago di Natale

This Christmas I'll Give You My Heart - Greeting Card

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Invitation and Greeting Card Mockup V2

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  • Personalize your cards. Include on your cards a customized, handwritten message to all your customers, if possible. Put the finishing touches by signing each cards using a ballpoint pen. Avoid having a digital signature printed on the cards. The more intimate your greeting cards become, the more your customers will feel more like part of your business family.
  • Refrain from advertising anything. Let your other marketing strategies take care of your sales. Your holiday greeting cards and postcards should only greet and wish your customers a merry Christmas.
  • Use Christmas colors in your design. Green, red, and white and the primary colors featured in holiday Christmas cards. However, keep the branding intact within the design. Find a way to make the Christmas and your brand colors coexist within the cards.
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