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Healthy Veterinarian Marketing Strategy Using Print Materials

When marketing for a veterinary clinic, one of your goals must be to gain lifelong clients. Having returning customers show that they trust you in taking care of their pets. And it is important to value this trust by providing consistent quality service.  However, it is also vital to strengthen this trust by marketing your professional services that show how much you care for the welfare of their pets.

You can do this through print products that contain healthcare facts and references, among other things. Below are five materials that you can use for various veterinary marketing.


These are common in vet clinics because these can hold a lot of information without overwhelming customers. Brochures can contain profile of doctors to establish their credibility. You can also use brochures to formally introduce your services, business goals and vision. This will give your clients a clear picture as to who they are working with.

Other facts that you can place in brochures are:

  • Common animal health conditions and first aid
  • Specialized healthcare tips for animals. You can put more tips and details if you address specific animal issues
  • News about animal diseases, cure and other breakthroughs in veterinary medicine (you may prefer to use newsletters but brochures are more handy)


What are vet clinics without animal posters? Put up diagrams, charts and pictures of animals on your clinic walls. These will inform and entertain your customers while waiting to be attended to. These will also help establish your reliability as a vet clinic. Likewise, put up posters around the neighborhood to advertise your animal healthcare services.


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Flyers are affordable materials that you can use to promote your business. These are helpful during the opening of your clinic and in advertising new services and promos. Keep in mind that the time and place of flyer distribution are important. These can determine if your target market will actually read your flyers.

One thing you can do is to attend pet shows and competitions. It is practical to hand out flyers to attendees because they obviously love animals and most likely have their own pets.


Owners have to pay attention to a lot of details in caring for their pets. And you have to consider that your clients can’t recall as much information as you do when it comes to these things. Thus, one smart tool that you can give away to your customers is a checklist of pet care do’s and don’ts in the form of notepads! You can also have a vet pre-visit checklist.


Magnets can help in your brand visibility and recognition. Your logo, clinic name and contact number are all you need to put on magnetic prints. Car magnets are known as mobile billboards that you can use to advertise your services. You can also give out magnetic business cards that your clients can stick on their fridge doors for future reference.

Animal lovers are after the overall welfare of their pets. That’s why it is important to address their needs as pet owners by sharing your knowledge on basic animal care. Supplement these with prints that your clients can hold on to when situation calls for it.

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