Five Arbor Day Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

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Trees have been a rich source of livelihood for business owners – thousands of business deals and transactions have been made possible with the help of signed documents and paperwork, both of which came from these woody plants.

This alone should be reason for you as business owner to do something for the trees this coming Arbor Day.

While planting a tree or hiking are just some of the few ways you can celebrate the holiday on April 27 of this year, below are Arbor Day marketing ideas you can do to enjoy the event and promote your business at the same time.

Host a mini recycling event

This is a giveaway strategy that is ideal in practice, but may be difficult to plan and pull off. The rationale here is to encourage people to bring in newspapers, magazines, and unused paper in their household into your stores to be brought to recycling plants. You can even amp up the festivities by holding a small concert or fair informing the public about the holiday.

For people who brought in large amounts of paper to be recycled, you may offer them a discount to select items in your store as a way of rewarding people for taking action regarding the holiday.

Send portion of your proceeds to a non-profit organization for trees

Go for the practical by tying in with a local charity for the preservation of trees and give them a portion of your earnings for their research and social work. You can also reach out to the National Arbor Day Foundation and the American Forests for ways on how you can contribute to their respective causes.

Encourage people to use recycle bags when shopping at your store

This guarantees that you minimize, if not eliminate, your use of paper bags. You can turn this into a week-long event (or longer) to make bringing their own bags a habit instead of relying on paper or plastic bags. Poster printing online can be done to promote your campaign on your store windows or walls outside your shop so people would be reminded of what to expect the coming days.

You can even take this opportunity to create recycle bags yourself with your branding printed on it. Once you have, hang them at point-of-sale areas or offer them to your customers at additional costs to get your point across.

Serve table napkins instead of tissues

Although tissues are practical in terms of serving wipes to your customers along with their food in your diner or restaurant, it would be ideal to provide them with napkins made out of cloth instead, which can be reused unlike disposable tissues made of paper pulp.

Bolster your social media

Don’t get me wrong – print products remain supreme when used as part of your marketing solutions. During Arbor Day, however, it may be high time to reassess your efforts by incorporating or boosting your social media presence.

Social media and the online world in general have been perceived to replace print in the near future, but when used together in your marketing campaigns now, both can help you reach out to a greater audience.

Not only do Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts provide you a new avenue to tap into different markets, but it also gives you a low-cost solution for promoting your business without having to rely heavily on paper.

What other Arbor Day marketing ideas for your business that we failed to mention? Let us know by commenting below!

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