4 Business Card Printing Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

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When you are at the stage of business card printing, you need to be sure that the cards are conceived and designed correctly for them to become effective marketing tools to connect with people.

With that said, are you really sure that your business cards are conceived and designed correctly?

To ensure that your business card printing project comes out right, below are questions you need to ask yourself before getting your business card printed.

Should the style of my business card matter?

Although the design and style of your business cards can create the ideal impression on your recipients especially when the elements have a certain theme that brings the image of your brand, the function of business cards is to provide your company’s contact details so potential customers can reach you.

Therefore, strike the balance between creativity and functionality – experiment on the look of your custom cards to improve their appearance so people would be more encouraged to keep the cards and reach you soon.

To get your started, click here to view a design inspiration post we made about clean and functional business card designs.

How do I choose the colors and paper to use?

Being able to come up with a theme for your business card printing would help you decide on what colors to use. You can do a mix and match of certain shades to see which will be effective on your work and would give a boost on the design.

Consider full-color printing if you want to high-quality appearance for your business cards. You could choose to print with 4/4, 4/1, or 4/0 with this printing process. The numbers stand for the colors used in printing your business cards – cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (key). These colors comprise the color mode for printing known as CMYK.

This means that 4/4 will have a back-to-back print using CMYK while 4/1 would only use black for the back portion. Of course, 4/0 means that you will only apply printing on one side.

When it comes to selecting the paper, show some authority through your business cards by going for sturdy and high-class materials like the 14 pt. UV or matte coated cardstock. Also, you can go the eco-friendly route with our FSC-certified, 13 pt. 100% recycled paper stock made of recycled fiber bleached without the use of harmful compounds.

What if I’m not skilled to design my business cards?

If you want to make your own set of business cards but just didn’t have enough skills with a graphics editing program to pull it off, you can go with our easy-to-use free Online Design Tool instead, allowing you to create your own business cards in just minutes. You won’t have to download or install anything; just let your creativity flow by dragging and dropping images, texts, and shapes on your design using our tool.

We also offer affordable Design Services done by our dedicated design team. You would have direct communication with the experts who will handle your job. Once done, the first proof of your design will be sent in as fast as 3 business days. You can even enjoy our offer of up to 3 revisions after the first proof to ensure that you print and receive a business card design that not only suits your business, but also suits you.

How can I guarantee my business cards would turn out great?

There are unsatisfied customers who felt cheated by the poor customer services they received for their business card printing. We at PrintRunner will keep you from feeling the same way – our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services for you to get the value you’ll be paying for.

Avoid the hassle of design errors and ensure that your file is print-ready and free from technical issues through our Free File Check service. We also offer on-time delivery with options on next day shipping for some print products to clients on the go.

Visit our business card printing page to learn more about the excellent services and different options we offer.

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