24 Stunning Calendar Designs for Inspiration (Updated!)

Calendar Designs

Everyone needs calendars for their office or home. Some big brands choose to sell them but they’re mostly given away for free as these serve a bigger purpose: advertising one’s business.

Advertising doesn’t get any easier with calendars. They are prominently displayed the entire year. And since they’re a one-time cost, business owners reap the benefit of repeat business while keeping their marketing budget under control.

Of course, how well they’re received will depend on the calendar designs and quality of the printing. Even if they’re free, nobody’s going to put up an awful-looking calendar. It’s not enough that you slap on your brand and call it a day. You have to make them pleasing to the eye to incentivize users to keep them year-round.

We’ve rounded up 24 stunning calendar designs to inspire you in your quest to create the right one for your business.

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Calendar Design 1

Design by Arman Malik

You can’t go wrong with a simple design. Designs like these are enough to perform the job at hand.

Calendar Design 2

Design by Igor Gedz

This design is perfect for any business with a young clientele. I see this cartoonish calendar working in any kid-friendly establishment.

Calendar Design 3

Design by Mukhlasur Rahman

A calendar design like this one would be welcome in any workplace. The clean look keeps workstations feeling uncluttered.

Calendar Design 4

Design by Just Jules

A strong hint of color is all it takes to make this calendar really liven up a space.

Calendar Design 5

Design by London Dreams Studio

This is an example of how a brand can integrate advertising with their calendars. You can incorporate your company’s cause into your concept.

Calendar Design 6

Design by Tetiana Ronska

Using an image that doubles as a work of art will encourage people to keep your calendars within reach. Business info can be placed in the back.

Calendar Design 7

Design by Khairul Anam

A simple color scheme keeps designs minimal yet effective. Play with colors until you see one that fits your business.

Calendar Design 8

Design by Mary Revina

Abstract designs are great but can be distracting. This piece, however, proves that they can work when done right.

Calendar Design 9

Design by Mary Revina

Watercolor-inspired designs aren’t as aggressive aesthetically making them a pleasing addition to any home.

Calendar Design 10

Design by On, On (Kimsuhyun)

Pastel colors keep things simple and eye-catching. Use them if you want a softer tone.

Calendar Design 11

Design by Anis Rehman

Product shots can work especially if you have a huge selection. Home improvement enthusiasts will find this example appealing.

Calendar Design 12

Design by Sasriana Octavinia

Geometrical designs like this one appeal to a younger audience. I can see this one hanging in a college campus somewhere.

Calendar Design 13

Design by Ishita Srivastava

I’ve seen chic calendar designs like this everywhere and I don’t imagine them going away anytime soon.

Calendar Design 14

Design by Malavika Doshi

You can try soliciting artwork from customers and using them on your calendars. This allows your customers to really feel like they’re a part of the business.

Calendar Design 15

Design by Harry Goldhawk

Another example of transforming calendars into pieces of art. Who would want to throw these away?

Calendar Design 16

Design by Taisiya Yudina

This shows an interesting use of wavy lines to draw attention to the calendar. I know I’d find it hard to look away if I saw this on a wall.

Calendar Design 17

Design by Monica Panjaitan

The concept is actually fun. Every month shows one letter. When put together, this calendar spells out “Love Yourself”. Maybe you could use this type of messaging for your brand?

Calendar Design 18

Design by Alexa Choo

Introducing characters in your calendars is a sure-fire way to get people talking.

Calendar Design 19

Design by Filip Triner

The color combination used in this delightful piece makes this wall calendar feel luxurious. High-end brands should take notes.

Calendar Design 20

Design by Sabrina Tinsley

This calendar relies on a central figure to walk them through the year. Each page gives the viewer a look into the cute bear’s adventures. Do you have a company mascot? Consider designing calendars around it.

Calendar Design 21

Design by MJ Merle

Using surreal photographs will make your calendars a genuine conversation starter.

Calendar Design 22

Design by Lady R

There are different types of calendars out there. This one is an example of a school calendar. Notice how it starts at September? If you sell school supplies, I imagine giving away this type of calendar would make more sense.

Calendar Design 23

Design by Arif Khan Mojlish

Another example of a simple calendar for everyday use.

Calendar Design 24

Design by Oksana Dniprova

When all else fails and you find yourself running low on ideas, use pet pictures. Who wouldn’t want to look at this adorable mutt?

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