My Business Plan: Crescent Lake Bible Camp

Crescent Lake Bible Camp

I never attended camp as a kid. So growing up, I’ve had my misconceptions about camping. In my mind, kids are sent to camp when they’ve been too naughty. A punishment for those who disobeyed mommy and daddy. Of course, those misconceptions were dispelled as I grew up but by then it was too late for me to experience camp. At least not in the same wide-eyed way other kids have.

Fortunately, there are camps now that cater to both kids and adults alike. One of them is Crescent Lake Bible Camp (CLBC).

Getting to Know Crescent Lake Bible Camp

The camp can be found in Rhinelander, WI where it has been for over 80 years. With a 60 acre main property as well as an additional 100 acres nearby, CLBC is an appropriate venue to hold:

  • Day, youth, and family camps
  • Church retreats
  • Family reunions
  • Weekend events
  • Outdoor education
  • Team building for schools and organizations

There’s no shortage of activities one can do in this camp due to its proximity to one of the best fishing and water sports lakes in Northern Wisconsin: Crescent Lake. Here people come to swim, canoe, kayak, water ski, and even kneeboard.

Those who’d like to stay dry can enjoy hiking through the forest instead.

Regardless of what activities you end up choosing, the camp’s staff will prepare everything. By the time you arrive, you can simply unpack and go on having fun. Staffers will take care of meals and cleaning so you can focus on reconnecting with friends or loved ones.

The camp currently has ten full-time staff members. During summers, they add an additional 15 to help with increased demand.

Crescent Lake Bible Camp

The Importance of Embracing History

As Maria Rudesill—executive director of Crescent Lake Bible Camp—and I were discussing the camp, it was immediately clear that their business relies on its own tradition, principles, and history. When asked what she attributes CLBC’s success to, Maria has this to say:

“There is something special about CLBC! That’s what we hear from people who are brand new as well as campers who’ve been attending for decades. Our staff members strive to serve in a way that honors the campers and honors the mission of Crescent Lake Bible Camp. It is this faithfulness to our founding principles that guides what we do and how we treat our campers.”

And with additional programs like day camp, outdoor education, and team building being added this decade, a new generation of kids and adults can now be part of the fold.

These high-quality yet affordable programs offer a safe, fun, and educational opportunity for families and schools that want to expand their youth’s knowledge and experiences.

The Challenge

The camp had its share of challenges though. Like most camps, CLBC was hit when the economy changed years ago. Fortunately for them, people stepped up and helped keep the camp going.

As Maria puts it, “We were able to continue through that bump in the road through the support of donors and the resiliency of our programs.”

Crescent Lake Brochure

Maria, with the rest of the camp, now find themselves in the middle of upgrading their facilities as well as their marketing efforts to elevate themselves to another level.

“Finding PrintRunner was a key step in that as it immediately made our brochures look more professional without a huge impact to our budget. We are one small camp out of many, so anything positive…we can do to capture the public’s attention is important. PrintRunner is helping us make that happen.”

When asked for advice for other entrepreneurs faced with similar issues, Maria emphasized the importance of having the right mindset. That there’s no place in business for someone who’s after a quick payday and that the idea that there’s this “one big thing” that would solve all your problems.

“Focus on the little things every day that build knowledge of your organization. Do them well, do them often, and do them even when the work is hard.”

PrintRunner and CLBC

It’s not everyday that you meet a company with an 80-plus year history. To last that long, the camp surely has to be doing their marketing right.

Crescent Lake Brochure 2

CLBC recently ordered brochures online. I asked then how brochures helped the business. Here’s what Maria had to say:

“Brochures give you the ability to represent yourself when you are not physically present. The details of photo and word selection, colors, and even correct grammar show them how much you care about your business. For us, if we can’t produce a quality marketing piece, how much confidence can the customer have that we can care for their children! A good quality brochure might be the first step in building a reputation that instills confidence in your customers. Most importantly, it is that piece that they can take home with them – prompting them to take further action.”

Do you need to print brochures? Head over to

They found PrintRunner through a simple online search. CLBC found the materials to be “better quality than other online printers.” They were just as impressed with overall experience.

“PrintRunner made it very easy with their templates and open dialogue between us and the person caring for our account. I knew what step we were on at all times and, even though we were trying to fit it in around the holiday season, PrintRunner did a great job of keeping us on time and informed. I plan to use PrintRunner again for Summer 2018 and expand our printing as the budget allows.”

If you have kids and live near Crescent Lake Bible Camp, do yourself a favor and take them to camp. Since there’s no age limit for being a camper, even you can go there too. I know I would given the chance.

Interested parties can visit for more information. You can also find them on Facebook.

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