Custom Backdrop Orders from PrintRunner Customers

Custom Backdrops from PrintRunner Customers

Over the years, PrintRunner has become the go-to provider for event printing needs like custom backdrops and step and repeat banners.

We’ve received a ton of personalized orders since we started, but a handful stood out as our favorites. Here are our photo backdrop picks that guests just can’t resist to snap pictures with.

Sweet 16 Backdrop by A&A Designs and Events

AA Design and Events

A&A Designs and Events specializes in full-service party planning and rentals. This custom step-and-repeat backdrop was for a client’s glam-themed sweet sixteen birthday party. The custom backdrop added a fun and engaging touch to the venue.

You can check out the rest of the photos at A&A Designs and Events’ Instagram and Facebook pages.

You can read more of A&A Designs and Events story here.

Superhero-themed Party Backdrop by Victoria Flowers Plants Gifts

Victoria Flowers Plants Gifts - Deadpool Themed Backdrop

Victoria Flowers Plants Gifts is a gift and floral shop in Knoxville, Tennessee. They accept bouquet and party setup requests for activities like this Deadpool-themed party.

Follow Victoria Flower Plants Gifts on Facebook for more event inspiration.

Yucca Harris’ Book Launch

Book Launch of Author Yucca Harris

Author Yucca Harris beams while holding up a copy of The Untold Story of Nikki Whitehead: Torn 2 Pieces. The self-published author also promoted her book on Dateline, Nancy Grace, and Dr. Phil.

Learn more about The Untold Story of Nikki Whitehead: Torn 2 Pieces from the official website You can also follow Yucca Harris on Instagram.

Sports Photo Backdrop by Ted Sandklev

Sports Photo Backdrops by Ted Sandklev

Ted Sandklev is a New Jersey-based landscape and sports photographer. He captures game moments and behind-the-scenes activities of the NJ Wizards.

Explore his portfolio or follow him on Instagram.

You can also be one of PrintRunner’s satisfied customers. Who knows, your one-of-a-kind backdrop design might be the next to get featured! Choose your preferred size, material, and finishing options then upload your artwork. We can prepare your custom backdrop for shipping in as fast as two business days!