30 Environmentally Aware Earth Day Poster Ideas

Environmentally aware earth day poster ideas

More than 40 years ago, Earth Day was nothing more than a summit for people to discuss pressing environmental concerns from a grassroots level.

Earth Day Celebration

Started by United States Senator, Gaylord Nelson, during the 1970s counterculture era, the event initially took place at 2000 colleges and universities and in hundreds of communities. Now, it has grown into a global campaign spanning 192 countries. The event is led by the nonprofit Earth Day Network. The group calls for actionable solutions for our excessive use of energy and irresponsibility toward the environment in our attempt to develop “greener” practices and alleviate climate change.

As a result, different campaigns ranging from music festivals to various activities held during the day, have been launched. These events not only educate people about the environment, but also instill some joy in the shift to a more environmental-friendly lifestyle.

The efforts have slowly but surely paid dividends. Companies are now encouraging employees to telecommute from home and print documents using remanufactured or vegetable inks. McDonald’s, for instance, installed waterless urinals in their restaurants to save water. Starbucks created reusable cups as part of their waste reduction strategy. For small businesses, simple things such as changing packaging to a sustainable one, ridesharing, or even turning off lights when not in use, can save a lot of energy.  

Here at PrintRunner, we’ve adopted environmentally-friendly practices as well. We use vegetable-based inks in our printing process. We also eliminated the chemical waste of the traditional plating process through our impositioning system.

Earth Day Poster Ideas

If you have plans to spread the environmental cheer and make a change this upcoming April 22, let us help. Here are some Earth Day poster ideas and graphic designs below to help you come up with your own marketing angle.

earth day posterEarth Allegiance Pledge  by Cherl Crewes

Earth Day Event PosterEarth Day Poster by Kyle Bebeau

Earth Day by Judith Besze

Earth Day by Judith Besze

Earth Day 2010Earth Day 2010 by Brianna Broderick

Earth Day 2009Earth Day 2009 by Derek Land

Earth Day Poster DesignEarth Day Poster Design by Debra Lee Toth

EARTH DAYEARTH DAY by Katherine Delgadillo

Earth Day Poster Design by Travis Morgan

World Earth Day

Fair Trade Poster Series“Fair Trade?” – Poster Series by Richard Roche

Fair Trade Poster Series“Fair Trade?” – Poster Series by Richard Roche

Alex Nabaum Earth Day

Earth Day Event Ideas - 14Salem State Earth Days 2011 Poster

2010 Jones Lang LaSalle Earth Day2010 Jones Lang LaSalle Earth Day

2010 Jones Lang LaSalle Earth Day 2010 Jones Lang LaSalle Earth Day

Nature Abounds PostersNature Abounds Posters

Cosmic EcologyCosmic Ecology

Beach Clean UpBeach Clean Up

Earth Day Green PlanetEarth Day. Green Planet. by AlexandraF

Earth Day 2009 PosterEarth Day 2009 POSTER by AlexKnight

Earth Day AdvertEarth Day Advert by frequentlydistracted

Earth TreeEarth Tree by racuntikus

Earth DayEARTH DAY by ronnyyax

Earth Day Jacksonville 2008 Poster ArtEarthDayJacksonville 2008 Poster Art by pixieartdesigns

Earth Day Jacksonville 2009 Poster ArtEarthDayJacksonville 2008 Poster Art by pixieartdesigns

Earth Day Poster: 1 by DemosthenesVoice

Earth Day Jacksonville 2012 Poster ArtEarthDay Jacksonville, FL 2012 Poster art by pixieartdesigns

Disclaimer: Images on this post are for design inspiration purposes. We may not be able to produce the exact options and material used on the featured product.

I hope you feel inspired with these creative Earth Day poster ideas. If you’re ready to get your design into print, hop onto our poster printing page and we’d be more than happy to assist you.

Are there other Earth Day poster ideas that should have made it into our list? Share the images with us on the comment box below.


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  1. Taking care of the Earth is our responsibility, although,

    The Earth will keep on spinning, evolving and sustaining life no

    matter what humans choose to do. However, global warming is happening now.

    The Earth's atmosphere is congested with heat-trapping carbon dioxide, which threatens large-scale disruptions in climate with disastrous consequences.

    We must act now to recommend the adoption of cleaner energy sources at home and abroad.

    • Agreed. The images above, although not in direct reaction with global warming in particular, is a subtle reminder of everything you just posted above.

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    I am also with you & by your view I will save our Earth as like our HOME.

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