3 Effective Ways For Healthy Lifestyle Marketing

Healthy Lifestyle Marketing at PrintRunner.comConcerns over obesity and dangerous food ingredients have prompted “healthy lifestyle” to become the latest trend in marketing. Everywhere you look there’s advice on organic foods, safe food preparation, gluten-free diets, “healing” antioxidants and more. Health stores or food retailers can capitalize on the healthy lifestyle craze:


Use an icon to note items or dishes that promote healthy living. Educate consumers exploring a healthier lifestyle, and describe benefits of your products:  “Boosts immunity” or “Promotes heart health.”

In-store seminar

Host an event where a nutritionist or doctor can discuss healthy lifestyles. In addition to sending postcards to your customers, use posters or table tents to promote in-store. A custom banner can also draw more traffic to the event.


Present to members of yoga studios, spas or gyms. Ask to host a discussion on healthy lifestyles. Distribute marketing materials with a generous discount on a future purchase.

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