How to Use Stickers and Labels as Marketing Tools

Stickers and labels

Savvy marketers and business owners know that stickers are one of the most versatile marketing tools you can use out there. Stickers are affordable, easy to produce, and fully customizable. If you’re thinking of using print stickers as part of your marketing collateral, here are several ways to get good results.


Promote Your Business With Stickers

Use custom labels and stickers to grab attention.

Stickers and labels are great for making a bold statement. You can use stickers on your other print marketing collateral like brochures, leaflets, flyers, or product catalogs. Your stickers can draw attention to the product’s features or an ongoing promotion.

On the other hand, professionally designed labels can help your product stand out when displayed on a store shelf. Use them to provide information about your product to help your customer decide on making a purchase.


Decorate your product to increase brand exposure.

Aside from packaging, branded custom labels can also be used to spruce up an otherwise plain shipping box. If you’re shipping food items, you can use logo stickers to seal your pouch or mailer box. When you use a branded sticker to seal or decorate your product for shipping, more people will see your logo and learn about your business.


Be memorable at trade shows with branded stickers.

If you attend trade shows, you know how hard it can be to stand out from other businesses. One of the ways you can generate traffic to your booth is by giving away stickers with relatable messages or designs to your attendees.

Branded stickers are a fun marketing material that can help you start a conversation with your visitors. Aside from the standard business cards, stickers are also a good way to introduce your brand to prospects.

Make sure that your design is fun and engaging but still relevant to your brand. Keep it appealing to encourage your visitors to decorate their personal belongings with it. Even a week or two has passed after the trade show ends, your attendees will still remember your brand when they see your stickers.


Turn heads with bumper stickers.

Printing custom bumper stickers to give away is great for promoting your brand. Some customers even purchase stickers to show their support for their favorite local shop or restaurant. For sports enthusiasts, it’s common to use labels and stickers to decorate their car, bike, ski board, or snowboard with their favorite parts and repair shop.

Read our guide on how to make creative bumper stickers that will catch the attention of every driver and passerby.


Design Your Stickers and Labels With PrintRunner

If you’re ready to start printing your stickers for your next marketing campaign, you’ll need a printing company you can trust. Here are a few reasons why PrintRunner makes a great choice for your custom printing needs:

Labels identify and provide information about a product. They are usually applied to product packaging, but they can also be used to warn people or direct foot traffic.

Easy ordering process. Our order calculator makes it easy for users to achieve the exact sticker design that they want. Choose the exact size, shape, material, and finish that you want for your design.

Beginner-friendly design tools. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create your first sticker or label. Use our free layout templates or design your stickers with our intuitive online design tool.

Free PDF proofs. Tell us that you need a PDF proof when you upload your artwork, and our team will take care of it. We’ll send you an email notification when the PDF proof is ready. If we find any technical errors in the design.

Free shipping. Enjoy free ground shipping in the US mainland for items worth $69 and above.


How to Customize Your Stickers & Labels

Use PrintRunner’s easy-to-use online design tool to create your sticker design in minutes! Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1. On the order calculator, select the custom printing specifications for your project, such as the shape, dimensions, material, colors, and quantity.

Step 2. Select Design Your File Online and click on the Start Designing button. This will take you to the design tool.

Step 3. You’ll see a blank canvas that you can start decorating with text, shapes, and images. Use the toolbar to insert design elements, edit fonts, add a background color, and change the design layout.

Step 4. Click on the disk icon to save your design or continue editing later.

Step 5. When you’re done, click Proceed to Order to check out your custom stickers.


Stickers and Labels FAQs

Can I print stickers and labels in any shape or size?
Yes, you can. Use the order calculator to indicate the specifications of the stickers you want to print. If you’re printing multiple designs, we recommend ordering sheet stickers.

I already have a design. Can I have it checked before you print it?
Yes, you can. Use the order calculator to input the design specifications, then select Upload My Artwork. After you upload your design, select “I need a PDF proof.” You will get an email notification when your PDF proof is ready to view. Please allow up to 6 hours for our prepress team to prepare your proof. For more details, read our File Preparation Guide.

Is there a minimum order requirement for custom stickers and labels?
Yes, there is a minimum quantity required to order stickers depending on the sticker format. For cut-to-size stickers, the minimum is 25 pieces, while for roll, kiss-cut, and sheet stickers, it’s 250 pieces.

When will I receive my custom stickers?
The delivery date depends on your location and the printing turnaround time that you prefer. To check the estimated delivery date, use the order calculator. Input your ZIP code in the field next to Estimate Shipping. Click Get Rates to view the available delivery dates and the corresponding shipping fees.