6 Reasons to Consider a Product Packaging Redesign

6 Reasons to Consider a Product Packaging Redesign

The most important aspects of your marketing is arguably your product packaging. Especially for businesses with physical products, your packaging design can be the deciding factor on whether your item is purchased or not. In today’s ¬†design-focused environment, customers place equal importance on the quality of your packaging design to the functional aspect of your product. If you want to stand out in the product aisle, you need to invest on your product packaging.

But when is the right time to consider a product packaging redesign?

The answer to the question varies across different industries. However, we can at least cover common indicators. Here are 6 reasons to consider a product packaging redesign.

1. Outdated Product Packaging Design.

Design trends come and go. For instance, the 90s-favored skeumorphic designs, which refers to the design concept of making items resemble their real-world counterparts. This can be seen in computer interfaces and is primarily the reason why the save icon is a diskette. Most of the product packaging designs during this decade feature bright colors and a lot of design elements.

Today’s design standards on the other hand tend to go the minimalist route. Designers put a lot of emphasis on white space, that is the blank space around the text and symbols. There is also a significantly lower amount of design elements.

Consider when your product design was created. Compare its design to the current trends in your industry’s product packaging. If it’s old, it definitely needs an upgrade.

2. Change in Product Formula

Products change over time. As new ingredients become available, your product formula will change in order to adapt. New technologies can change your product’s functionalities and specifications. Your product may even require a new size or a new shape. These improvements can pile up and may significantly change how your customers perceive your product and your company.

To reflect these changes, you also need to change your product packaging design. Aside from the obvious need to change ingredients or change the packaging shape and size, it is also a good opportunity to advertise the improvements on your product formula g.

3. Company Rebranding

It’s a trend in business lately to rebrand from the ground up. It’s usually the legacy brands which have been around for decades who change to a more contemporary branding to reflect the modern times. Others change their logos and other company visuals to reflect a change in direction.

Old and new product packaging comparison for wheat thins

Graphic designer Joe Hribar features more of these product packaging comparisons in his blog.

Whatever your reason may be, don’t forget to update your packaging. It’s important to make the design consistent with your own brand’s new aesthetic.

4. Public Relations Crisis and Recovery

Public relations nightmares can happen even to the best of us. Especially today when customer interaction happens almost immediately through social media, one bad piece of publicity could be fatal to your brand. It may take a while to recover from the effect of this negative publicity.

Take the time to consider modifying your product packaging for two reasons. One, it would show that you are moving on from the bad publicity you receive. And two, you are actively trying to improve your product and image, starting with the design.

5. Financial Problems and Budget Constraints

Every business experiences financial problems. There may be some expenses that eat through your revenue. Furthermore, some product packaging can be costly. You may be too financially invested in your product packaging design without any noticeable return of investment.

In any case, consider redesigning your product packaging if you want to cut costs. Even a small savings per piececan add up.

6. New Product Packaging Technology

New technology can result in a more efficient product packaging process. Furthermore, there may be new ways to design it that you are missing out on.

new product packaging technologies foil stamp, debossed, embossed, spot uv

Update your branding by using new technologies on product packaging.

For instance, there are new styles to choose from when making custom boxes that may be a better fit for your products. You can even introduce visual improvements to your packaging. These include embossing or debossing an element to emphasize it, spot UV that highlights a portion of your design, or foil stamping to give a luxurious appeal. Don’t miss out on new product packaging technologies. Incorporate them in your design to create a more powerful packaging redesign.

When do you update your product packaging? Tell us your thoughts below.