Spice Up Your Event With These Stage Backdrop Ideas

Stage Backdrops

How do you create a memorable event experience? This is one question every organizer is compelled to address. The go-to answer would usually be to come up with unique twists and never-been-seen-before gimmicks, but how about going back to the basics?

In this article, we’re going to put the spotlight on one of the most significant (but at times overlooked) components of any event: the stage backdrop.

Importance of Stage Backdrops

A stage backdrop is a versatile tool that can instantly transform any venue from drab to fab.

For one, the stage is the focal point of any event. A backdrop will further draw everyone’s attention to the speaker and would give you share-worthy event photos. A bare stage not only makes you look unprepared, but it can also affect how the audience perceives your speakers.


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A stage backdrop also emphasizes the event theme. You can even use it to promote your sponsors by incorporating their logos in the backdrop design!

How to Create an Unforgettable Stage Backdrop

Conceptualizing a stage backdrop design that would contribute to the overall epic-ness of your event can be intimidating but worry not. We asked our design experts for some suggestions!

Make it multifunctional. Most events involve slideshows or video presentations. Instead of renting or buying a projector screen, you can allot some space in your backdrop design for projecting images, videos, or the speaker’s whole deck.

School Graduation Stage Backdrop

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Go concave. If the event is taking place in a large venue, a curved stage backdrop would help the audience see the details better wherever they’re seated. It’ll also make the stage appear smaller and the speaker more visible. Don’t forget to add stage lights and keep the overall décor to a minimum to minimize distractions.

Concluding Conference Backdrop Photo

Image Source: Ncfhecms.gov.mt

Brand it. Before inserting the sponsors’ logos to the stage backdrop design, make sure your own logo and the event details are already in place! This way, any photo that will be shared or published online and in print will instantly double as a marketing and PR opportunity for your brand.

See, having a custom backdrop is more than just for aesthetic purposes. Think out of the box, and it can turn your event into the talk of the town for years to come!

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