How To Jump-start Your Small Business for 2023 With Print Materials

Jump-start your SMB

2023 is here! Is your business ready for the brand-new year?  

In today’s modern world, it’s easy for small and medium-sized businesses to put their print marketing efforts in the backseat. But if you want to get ahead of the game, it’s high time to reevaluate this tactic.  

Print advertising is important and still highly effective. 82% of consumers trust print ads the most during a purchasing decision. 77% say that print drives higher recall. Get a competitive edge this year when you explore different print materials that best suit your marketing goals.  

Below are some ways to jump-start your small business with print marketing products.  

1. Make announcements with flyers.  

Flyers are one of the most versatile and cost-effective marketing tools to boost brand awareness. If you’re promoting special offers, upcoming events, products, or services, flyer marketing is just what you need to spread the word. They are usually made simple but they carry valuable information to persuade people to purchase or act. Flyers also allow you to attach incentives like coupons and vouchers. Plus, adding QR codes to your flyers makes its success measurable because you can track how your print materials are performing.  

Look at Broke My Door’s eye-catching and informative-designed flyers.  


When creating the logo and branding, we wanted a clean and trendy look that would set us apart from our competitors. PrintRunner has helped take our designs and turn them into printed masterpieces. 

2. Network with business cards. 

Business cards may be small and old-fashioned but they are indispensable. These cards are a tangible, visual representation of your brand. They also carry essential information so your prospects can easily connect with you when they’re ready. With well-designed business cards, you can create endless networking opportunities and connections relevant to your business. Distribute them at trade shows, conventions, and networking events and let your business cards do the talking for you.  

Check out this attention-grabbing business card by DW Creations. Pretty cool right?

3. Reach new customers through postcards. 

Direct mail postcards are best for reaching new leads that may translate to brand awareness and sales. Postcards offer succinct messaging, making them easy to read at a glance. This means that you can seamlessly convey messages to your target audiences. Cleverly designed postcards also stand out from other kinds of mail in the pile and grab the attention of potential customers. 

Here’s a beautifully printed postcard for @sundaymorningsbloggers. 


4. Stand out with labels and stickers.  

Stickers and labels are both informative and fun. Sticking them on your products can instantly set your product apart from others. They help create your brand’s identity and make it recognizable to prospects and existing customers, thus strengthening your marketing efforts. Sticker labels can also make your packaging professional-looking especially when you create them with design experts.  

Take it away, @lunaalchemyco 


5. Remain visible with signs and banners.  

Signs and banners are not only portable and durable, they are also huge and they stand proud enough to get everyone’s attention. Since they occupy a physical space, they can linger much longer in people’s memory even after seeing them. When done right, banners can inspire impulse buying, drive store traffic, or support promotional campaigns.  

Take a look at how Foodologie Baked Goods did it. They made sure to hit the markets with scene-stealing banners!  


Print marketing materials come in varying forms and with unique opportunities to reach new leads, connect with customers, or gain loyal patrons. Choose the ones that suit your business best and complement your digital efforts.  

It’s important to remember not to risk your reputation on low-quality print materials. At PrintRunner, you can get the best value at affordable prices.  



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