Packaging Labels

Good Labels Get Your Products Noticed

The Right Label Makes the Right Impression

While good boxes and bottles help keep your products safe from contamination or damage, packaging labels play a big part in marketing both brand and product to customers who will sweep them off the shelves

Custom packaging labels help establish brand identity and amplify brand recall among customers. Along with the logo, these can display details that are key to identifying the brand and the product, differentiating it from competitors.

These also serve to provide important product information, such as nutritional facts, potential side effects, along with ingredient lists and contact information for consumer feedback.

We offer an extensive array of packaging labels ranging from food-safe labelling for grocery items that can be used for both standard and temperature-dependent storage to medical-grade labels for pharmaceutical products.

What Makes a Successful Label?

While it’s easy enough to create a label, what does it take to create a label that can easily grab customers’ attention and leave a lasting impression that leads to repeat purchases?

There are several elements that need to be present:
  • Product Information - Product name, ingredients, vital details such as nutritional information, any potential pharmaceutical effects, hazard warnings, corporate contact information, and even QR codes for quick access to online information help consumers make informed choices. Indicating such important information on a label raises a product’s chances of being purchased.
  • Colors and Patterns - Vividly colored or well-designed labels tend to grab the attention of customers faster. Playing with contrast of colors and typography also helps the product label stand out.
  • Imagery - While having a product or company logo up adds visual interest to a label, photos or calligraphy further boost its appeal to potential customers.
  • Materials - The right materials matter in a successful label and these need to be durable enough to withstand the elements: UV resistance to prevent fading and waterproofing to keep labels from wrinkling, washing out, or coming off. You might want to consider UV-resistant and waterproof white vinyl for labeling products that will see heavy use outdoors. BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene), on the other hand, is used mostly for food and bottle labels that need to be stored in refrigerators.
  • Cut Style - Labels are commonly available in either roll-type or cut-to-size. Roll-type labels are wound around a cardboard spool that can fit most standard dispensers for labeling a large number of items quickly and easily. Cut-to-size are individually cut, shipped in stacks, and need to be applied individually, making them an ideal choice for bespoke crafts or limited-edition products.

How Easy is it to Create and Order Packaging Labels?

You only need to follow five steps to create amazing-looking packaging labels with maximum impact:
  1. Use the Packaging Labels Calculator?on our website
  2. Enter the specific details
    • Label size
    • Cut style
    • Material
    • Finish
    • Quantity
  3. Upload your label design or create your own design through our Design Tool
  4. Submit Product Label Design for Proofing
  5. Checkout – and you’re done!