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Create a bright and lasting first impression for your business.
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Shine Bright With Metallic Printing

Bring life to your print products with metallic printing.

Sometimes, you just need to add a little something extra to get your message noticed. Metallic printing adds a lustrous shine that you won’t get from standard inks. The best part, you can choose from an unlimited color selection for your design and get that distinct metallic sheen. Go beyond regular palettes or try a gradient effect. Your prints will still achieve the same results and draw customers to your brand.

Want to really make your metallic prints pop?

Add spot UV to emphasize your logo, text, and other design details. It coats the important areas with a high-gloss coating to create more texture and depth.

Choose from our large selection of custom metallic printing products.

Make an unforgettable first impression with metallic business cards.

Prospects will stop and admire your cards as soon as you hand them out. Because of their striking colors and reflective shine, they stand out from the stack of other regular business cards.

If you’re looking to enhance your product presentation, metallic labels will do the job. It also adds a luxurious and high-quality feel, which can help set your brand apart among dozens of other products.

Want something special to give your customers? Try metallic bookmarks or metallic stickers. Give them away at book signings or slip them inside the bag at checkout. Lots of people appreciate freebies, and when a buyer uses your gift it means they are personally endorsing your business to everyone who sees it.

From postcards, stickers, and more, PrintRunner can help you create custom metallic prints for your business.

Get started by uploading your design on the website. If you don’t have a design yet, you can quickly make one with our easy-to-use online design tool. Order now and get free shipping on orders above $39.

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How do I set up my file for metallic printing? 

Follow these guidelines to properly set up your file before uploading: 

  1. Make sure your file contains two layers.  
    • The first layer contains your artwork 
    • The second layer should indicate where the metallic effect will be applied 
  2. Check that both the artwork and metallic layer align properly. 
  3. For text, use san serifs fonts a minimum of 12 pt. or larger. 
  4. Avoid using dark, metallic colors. 


If you need help setting up your file, call our customer service at 

888-296-5760 or contact us through Contact Us page 


What makes metallic printing different from foil stamping? 

Both metallic printing and foil stamping add sparkle to your prints. However, they vary in application and visual effect. Metallic prints use actual ink, which is why you can design a full spectrum of colors if you select this option. Metallic inks also work best when they are printed on glossy paper or cardstock. This allows less absorption, so the ink stays on top of the paper and results in maximum shine.  


Foil stamping, as the name suggest, entails “stamping” the foil onto the paper after printing using heat and pressure. You can choose from gold, silver, and copper foil. You also have the option of using uncoated cardstock, which give your prints elegant results. 


What does "cut line", "safe area," and "bleed area" mean?  

You may encounter these terms during our print proofing process. These are printing guidelines to help you make sure that your design will print correctly. 


Cut line, which is also known as “trim”, indicates the full size of your product when it’s finished printing. Any designs outside the trim area will be cut off. 


The “safe area” is inside the cut line and should contain all the important aspects of your design. Make sure that you leave some space between your design and the trim line. 


The “bleed area” is outside the cut line. This part exists for you to extend a little bit of the unnecessary sides of your design. This is so when the bleed is trimmed off, you’re not left with any white edges. 


What file format and requirements do I need to set before uploading? 

Our preferred file format is PDF, but we also accept these commonly-used formats: 

  • JPG 
  • PSD 
  • PNG 
  • TIF 
  • EPS 
  • AI 
  • PUB 


Take note of the following file specifications:

  1. We require artwork to be set in CMYK color format, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. This ensures your prints will come out sharp and in the exact colors you want. 
  2. The maximum file size allowed is 100 MB. 
  3. Any spelling errors in your artwork must be checked and revised before uploading. We only fix print-related technical issues during the proofing process. 


When can I receive my metallic prints 

Our minimum printing turnaround for metallic prints is 6 business days. Upload you design and complete your order payment before 5 p.m. and your order is guaranteed to print and be ready for pick up or shipping in 6 business days. Note that our printing turnaround time does not include weekends, national holidays, and shipping time.