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Be the brightest candidate with captivating campaign materials. Here are three key reasons why PrintRunner is the online printing partner that can help you shine this election.

Rush printing available. Campaign schedules are never set in stone. Sometimes, a candidate suddenly gets an invite for fundraisers or townhall meetings, or an important gathering gets bumped to an earlier date with only a few days’ notice. If you need to get your materials prepared in time for these unexpected changes in schedule, we offer several print turnaround times for our custom print products. Some of them can even be printed and prepared for shipping the same day they were ordered!

Lower cost per unit for bulk orders. Repetition is key to name recall. That’s why the more campaign materials you display and give away, the better. Most of our print campaign materials have either no or low minimum order requirements, but if you want to save costs, we recommend ordering in bulk – this lowers the cost per piece. The print turnaround time remains the same regardless of the order quantity.

Several customization options. Not only do our print products come in different styles, but most of them also have customizable sizes and shapes and are available in a wide array of materials. Uploading your own artwork is easy, and we have an online design tool in case you need to create a design from scratch. We also have blank templates that are compatible with popular design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

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