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At PrintRunner, sticker printing has endless possibilities. Design and print in any color, size, and shape to suit your project requirements.

Custom Sticker Materials That Make an Impact

Whether you need to add branding on refrigerated products, give away tokens during a tradeshow, or require return addresses for your yearly holiday greeting cards, a custom sticker is the right tool for the job. PrintRunner offers custom stickers made with materials for every purpose.

  • Paper stickers are best for indoor use. These come with a choice of coating – matte, gloss, and high gloss. A matte finish gives your stickers a subdued look; gloss makes colors more vivid; and high gloss has an even shinier surface that makes colors pop. Paper material is available in all sticker formats.

  • Vinyl stickers use our thickest and most durable sticker material. It is resistant to tearing, moisture, and temperature changes. The material also has a UV-resistant mirror gloss coating that protects the sticker from scratches and scuffs. Vinyl is the ideal material to use for stickers that will be exposed outdoors or refrigerated.

  • Clear stickers are made of BOPP material, which stands for biaxially-oriented polypropylene. It is an extremely durable film that’s waterproof and non-toxic, making it a great sticker to use with food and drink. Its see-through material allows your customers to see the actual product while still maintaining branding.

  • Metallic stickers are also made of BOPP. This has a shiny, foil surface that makes your stickers stand out. You can use multiple colors to give off a gradient effect. These are best used for liquor bottles and product packaging. BOPP stickers are only available in rolls.

  • Textured stickers are the perfect complement to premium products. The material has a tactile surface with an elegant finish. These are usually used with wine bottles, gourmet jars, and other luxury products. Textured stickers come in three colors and are only available in rolls.

How to Customize Stickers

Use our online design tool – PrintRunner offers a free, easy-to-use online design tool to help you in customizing your stickers. You can use pre-designed templates or upload your own. The online design tool lets you upload images, add text, and play around with shapes and colors. Once you’ve finished creating your custom design, you can save your progress and finish the order process.

Utilize every square inch with sticker sheets – There are situations where you need stickers of multiple shapes and sizes. Ordering a couple of each can get expensive fast. We recommend going for sticker sheets instead. With sticker sheets, you can print multiple stickers that fit on one sheet, whether the stickers are all uniform or of different shapes and sizes.

Custom shapes with kiss-cut stickers – Kiss-cutting uses lasers to partially cut through your stickers, leaving the paper backing intact. This method gives you a die-cut effect while giving you the flexibility to create innovative designs by incorporating the border in your artwork. Leaving a border also acts as protection, minimizing the risk of intricate sticker designs tearing, folding, or snagging.


What sticker materials are waterproof?
Vinyl and BOPP stickers are waterproof.

What is the biggest custom sticker you offer?
We can print custom stickers with a maximum dimension of 17” x 12”.

Can I upload my own custom sticker design?
Yes, you can. Make sure that the file is at least 300 dpi, the color space is CMYK, and is below 100 MB. Read our file preparation guide for more information regarding the print file requirements.

How soon can I receive my digital proof?
If you requested a digital proof to be sent, it would be ready within 6 hours after you place your order. You will need to go to Your Account to review and approve your proof so we can continue to print.

How soon can I receive my order?
You can view the estimated delivery dates on the product page itself. Enter your ZIP code, and you’ll see the different shipping options available for your order.

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