10 Breathtaking Typographic Images of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Design

“I have a dream…”

These words have become synonymous with the speech that ushered the American Civil Rights Movement during the ‘60s. At the height of civil disarray, one man of color delivered arguably the most groundbreaking rhetoric in American history that ultimately brought racial discrimination to its knees.

Up to this day, Martin Luther King Jr. is viewed as the man who has inspired Americans – regardless of race – to turn their dreams into reality.

To commemorate his contributions to society, below are images capturing MLK’s unyielding words in typography. These show how great design can invoke powerful emotions and feelings comparable to King’s landmark speech.

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Martin Luther King Design- 1

Martin Luther King Design- 2

Martin Luther King Design- 3

Martin Luther King Design- 4

Martin Luther King Design- 5

Martin Luther King Design- 7

Martin Luther King Design- 8

Martin Luther King Design- 9

Martin Luther King Design- 10

Any other typographic images of Martin Luther King, Jr. on the web for poster design not posted above? Share them by commenting below!

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