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Who invented postcards

Who Invented Postcards?

It’s actually easy to answer the question “Who invented the postcard?” A lot of historians attribute the invention of the first picture postcard to Theodore Hook, a writer and practical joker, who sent the card…

Everything you need to know about brochure folds

Everything You Need to Know About Brochure Folds

Much has been said about why you should use brochure marketing. They are one of the most useful marketing handouts to distribute. Not only do they grab your target market’s attention with great visuals, they…

How to make a situation analysis.

How to Make a Situation Analysis

Before making any marketing strategy, whether advertising or public relations, you need to learn how to make a situation analysis. Your analysis will become the very foundation of the strategies and tactics you will implement….

4 Takeaways from the Nintendo business model

4 Takeaways From the Nintendo Business Model

Nintendo recently unveiled their new console, Nintendo Switch. It’s a new hybrid console previously code-named NX and so far, it’s living up to the hype. At a glance, the Switch looks like a cross between…