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40 Fang-Filled Halloween Event Flyers

Halloween doesn’t only spell trick-or-treat and horror ghost stories. It’s also known as the season of parties and events here and there. As a small business owner, you can use this time to promote your store by holding costume parties, gallery exhibit, concert, and horror movie marathon, among others.

With the many Halloween events held around the place, it can be difficult to get people coming and going into your party. But don’t worry – a cool and hip Halloween marketing campaign is all you need to make your party the talk of the town!

If you’re using print products to promote your business, it all starts with handing out the appropriate Halloween event flyers to passersby. Below are things to consider when coming up with a flyer for your upcoming event.

Halloween Event Flyers

Disclaimer: We at PrintRunner have posted images on this post mainly for design inspiration purposes. Click on the image to view their source page. Also, we may not be able to produce the exact options and material used on the featured product. Call 1-888-774-6889 to learn what design choices you can select for your print order.

3-D Invisibles by Tom

photo credit: Marxchivist via photopin cc

Halloween Bash Flyer by Stephen Boyle

photo credit: Fuzzytek via photopin cc

Halloween Freakout at Shantytown
photo credit: Urban Jacksonville via photopin cc

Halloween Rampage Flyer
photo credit: Jellymon via photopin cc

Pirate Castle Halloween flyer
photo credit: gussington via photopin cc

Hope & Greenwood Halloween Flyer Colour
photo credit: tomblyth via photopin cc

DM Land of the Lost Halloween Party
photo credit: andresra via photopin cc

Halloween in July
photo credit: thatguygil via photopin cc

Halloween Flyer by ArtiSin


Night Of The Living Dead by stuckwithpins

Halloween 05 Flyer

Halloween Trick or Treat @ DTA
photo credit: Becky Simmons via photopin cc

Lugubrious: The Art Of DIENZO, Burbank Flyer
photo credit: amayzun via photopin cc

Halloween Sexta
photo credit: GilbertoFilho . via photopin cc

Scaredy Cat 2009 Flyer
photo credit: ( kurtz ) via photopin cc

LA RECONTRA by Santiago Rivas
photo credit: Santiago Rivas via photopin cc

Hand screened Nightbear flyer
photo credit: chuck johnson via photopin cc

Halloween Hoopla Flyer


Monster Halloween Rave
photo credit: g.rohs via photopin cc

Soviet Halloween Edition Flyer
photo credit: maxim303 via photopin cc

The Count's Castle Flyer
photo credit: the superash via photopin cc

Milquetoast Halloween Show Flyer
photo credit: anotherfaceintheclouds via photopin cc

Art Sparks Halloween
photo credit: Urban Jacksonville via photopin cc

Halloween Party Flyer


TATE'S 2012 Halloween Sale Flyer
photo credit: TATE’S via photopin cc

Halloween Flyer Design by Jason Drakeford
photo credit: Jason Drakeford via photopin cc

Horror Business @ Tradition
photo credit: amayzun via photopin cc

Pre-Halloween: Clothing Swap Flyer
photo credit: Walter Parenteau via photopin cc

Hallows Eve Flyer by stuckwithpins


Halloween 2012 by Ariel Toro
photo credit: Zero Graphic Design  via photopin cc

PBR Halloween Poster


Celebrate Halloween with Jason Flyer




Dead Rappers - Halloween Flyer

Night of the Dancing Dead Flyer


HALLOWEEN 2012 Flyer by giuseppe fiolo


Jägermeister presents RedAster's Halloween Special


Disco Bloodbath by Pablo Stanley


Halloween Club Flyer


  • Design. Start by thinking of a theme.  Some of the often used Halloween print themes are: vintage, grungy, and artsy. The vintage theme is characterized with the use of grainy font and retro images. If you want your flyer to look horrific, you can go for the grungy route and choose over-the-top effects for a dark and gloomy mood. On the other hand, if you want your design to be creative, just use cartoons and illustrations and play with the design.
  • Content. A catchy design will be useless if not backed up with a compelling content. Think of a relevant tagline or event title that will excite people.  Also, don’t forget to include the basic info that your guests need to know about the event such as the place, time, and what attire to wear.
  • Printing. The outcome of your flyers boils down to the quality of the printing. Go for a flyer printing company that will make your Halloween prints rise from the dead. You can also check PrintRunner’s brochures and posters to further promote your event.
Hope the examples above inspired you in creating spooky yet interesting Halloween event flyers. If you don’t have the time to design your own, you can check out our Design Services and we’d be happy to help you. Browse PrintRunner‘s complete list of products for more promotional tools you can use for your campaign.



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