5 Must-Try Online Marketing Tips for Thanksgiving Day

In a time when convincing people to spend their money on your business has become much more difficult, saying “thank you” can sometimes do the trick. Since this season is about giving back, celebrate Thanksgiving Day by letting your clients feel appreciated.

Thank God, the Internet lets you do so many ways to do just that.  Bloggers and small business owners know too well that having an established online presence is a must to reach out to an audience. Here are 5 different ways you can do to make your blog readers and customers feel your Thanksgiving Day love:

Provide tips and helpful how-to articles

Depending on your blog niche, identify Thanksgiving Day topics that let you help your audience. Write a post that can solve your readers’ holiday dilemmas such as roasting turkey problems, choosing stylish outfits for the season or easy-to-do handmade crafts as home decoration. The possibilities are limitless!

Send heartfelt greetings

Sending a sincere message to your customers helps build a stronger connection with them, if not make them feel special and valued. When sending out e-mail greetings, avoid the lazy “Dear Sir/Madam” format address each person with their first name to make the message more personable. Add a personal touch by attaching a cute thank you card image. If you don’t have the time to do these, greet them via social media or create a blog post dedicated to thanking all of them.

Publish inspiration posts

Thanksgiving mailer sent out by Riverbed Design

(By Riverbed Design via Behance)

Tis’ the season of thank you cards, greeting cards and party invites. Thus, this also means more people are looking for Thanksgiving Day greeting card designs or stock photos they can use for their prints. If you own a blog, gather as many holiday card designs as you can and publish a design inspiration post featuring the best card designs you can find. For graphic design blogs, you can also create and offer tutorials on how to create Thanksgiving Day images and greeting card designs using a graphics editing program.

Hold a contest

What better time to give freebies than Thanksgiving? For those who own an online store, hold a raffle and award them with gift certificates and coupons. Come up of an interesting concept so that people will be encouraged to join.  You can also increase your social media clout by making the participants like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter as a part of the requirements to join your contest.

Lend a helping hand

Browse the web for non-profit organizations that you would like to help. You can either give them free products and services or help with their upcoming fundraising event. Since they usually thank sponsors in social networking sites and sometimes in their blog, that would earn you instant exposure and better PR.

Follow these tips to have a merry Thanksgiving Day experience. Remember that breeding customer loyalty is one of the sure-fire ways to keep your blog and business alive. Saying thank you to them doesn’t need to be seasonal. It should be done all year round.

Do you have other Holiday online marketing ideas in mind? Feel free to share your tips by leaving a comment below!