A Guide to Custom Stickers for Business

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Take advantage of the versatility of stickers for your business to thrive.

Marketing is all about visual impact. Even if your product is (objectively) the best in the market, if no one is aware of it, then it’s all for naught. It needs to be seen for it to be appreciated. The human brain can process visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text. This study shows how important it is for your product packaging to immediately grab and simultaneously capture attention. This holds true even with seemingly small items such as product stickers. Especially with the shortened attention span people have nowadays, every second that you can keep their gaze on your product packaging is crucial. This can spell the difference between them trying out your products versus glossing over you. In this article, we focus on how you can use stickers to capture the attention of customers and passers-by.


Getting Started With Custom Stickers

Stickers are underrated in their potential to impact a business. It’s seemingly small, inexpensive, and simple. However, its versatility is key. It simultaneously acts as a key and doorway to new opportunities for your business. Before getting ahead of ourselves, here are some key considerations to take into account for custom sticker printing for your business:

  • Goal setting – While we keep preaching about how sticker printing is the bee’s knees, it can’t solve everything. That’s why it’s important to set goals for your sticker campaign and what you want to accomplish with them. For a business owner, your main goal may be to sell more products or attract new clients, but what are the steps in getting there? Do you need stickers to place on your product or will you give them away? Do you need a large sticker for your walls for advertising or would a small one do? Is a waterproof sticker necessary? By clarifying your goals, you’ll be able to discern the requirements suitable for your needs.
  • Putting it into motion – Once you’ve made a plan, it’s time to give birth to the idea! Choose a printing partner you trust, and work with them in order to put the plan in motion. Look for ones that offer full customization so that you can make sure that all the stickers are to the exact specifications you need – design material, size, shape, and quantity.


Product and Container Considerations: What Are You Labeling?

Different businesses have different products, containers, boxes, and other packaging materials. Keep this in mind when designing stickers for your business as certain products work best with certain sticker types.

  • Bottles – Stickers used on bottles are usually rectangular in shape and wrap around the whole item. This way, you can convey a lot of information without detracting from the overall design. If these will need to be refrigerated, such as juice or beer bottles, use BOPP material since it can handle refrigeration, moisture, and temperature changes.
  • Custom Boxes – If you’re using custom stickers to seal boxes, oval stickers and round stickers work best. The curves provide a visual contrast to the sharp corners of the box and put the spotlight on the sticker design, which should be your brand logo and contact information. For product and mailer boxes, you can use white paper stickers. For shipping boxes, we recommend going with white vinyl, which is our most durable sticker material.


Frequently Asked Questions

What sticker material should I choose for my business?

It depends on your intended use. For indoor use where the sticker won’t be exposed to the elements, you can opt for white paper sticker and white premium sticker paper. For outdoor use or situations where the sticker will get wet, we recommend our waterproof materials: white vinyl sticker and BOPP.

Can I write on the surface of my custom stickers?

You can use a ballpoint pen or a permanent ink marker to write on stickers with a matte or gloss surface. For high-gloss finish stickers, we do not recommend writing on it.

Do you offer bulk printing for custom stickers?

Yes, we do. Choose the amount you need on the dropdown menu from the custom sticker product page. If the quantity you require is more, you can request a custom quote and one of our customer service team will get in touch with you.


Why Choose PrintRunner?

PrintRunner prioritizes reliability. We want to be your go-to online printing partner whenever you need something printed, whether it’s a retractable banner for the upcoming farmer’s market or the thousands of flyers you need to hand out for your next big event. We want to bring your creative ideas to life while ensuring you have full customization, affordable options, and free, easy-to-use, comprehensive design tools.