Importance of Sticker Designs and How to Create Them Right for Printing

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Improve your advertising and marketing game with custom stickers

Stickers are one of the most effective ways to increase visibility for branding and promotions, but the importance of good design cannot be understated. It can spell the difference between an effective sticker that gets noticed and one that gets completely ignored.

Aside from visual appeal, the art has to make sense. The whole design must come together cohesively to deliver a clear-cut, digestible message. The message has to be legible and easy to understand. This may seem like basic information for sticker printing, but it needs to be said in order to drive the point home of its importance.

In this guide, we discuss how your business can create an effective sticker design and how to make it perfect for print. Read on!

How to Make Custom Sticker Designs for Printing

  • Conceptualizing – This is the most important step. Ask yourself about your goals with the sticker and how you can translate those goals into print. Consider all the details you want to include and how they will be used. Once you have all the information, creating a design that meets all your requirements will be easier.
  • Choosing materials – After completing your design, you must choose the right material for your stickers. There are a lot of different papers and films to choose from, so it’s important to focus on the end user and where you intend to place your stickers. White sticker paper is the quintessential material for sticker stock. It is ideal for general indoor use. BOPP film is the go-to material if you need the stickers to be waterproof.
  • Printing format – Do you need just a couple of stickers or thousands? Do you need them in the same shape and size or would you prefer plenty of unique shapes? For a few stickers to give away, choose cut-to-size singles. For bulk use, opt for roll stickers. You can use a sticker sheet if you need different shapes and sizes.
  • Quality testing – Not all sticker printers are made the same. It is important to review quality since these materials reflect your brand. Do your research and choose a reputable online printing partner who can deliver products you can be proud of.

Design Tips to Create Custom Stickers

  • Use vibrant colors – The easiest way to attract attention is through colorful designs and eye-catching hues. Your customer’s line of sight will be immediately drawn to bold colors such as red, orange, and yellow. Use this to your advantage but take care to remain on-brand.
  • Legibility is key – Anything you put on your sticker design has to be legible. It needs to be easy to read even from a distance so that viewers will immediately understand your message since attention spans are getting shorter by the minute. Make your messaging clear and concise.
  • Be on brand – Make sure your brand doesn’t get drowned out. If you have specific brand colors or themes, use it. This ensures continuity across your branding efforts, making them even stronger.
  • Minimalism – It’s easy to go overboard with sticker design, but you need to resist the temptation. As far as design goes, less is more. Do away with superfluous elements and put the focus on your brand and your message. Cut the chaff, and you’ll have a visually arresting design that begs attention.

Why Choose PrintRunner?

We envision ourselves as your trusted online partner in all things print. We want to take all of your creative ideas and transform them into something tangible. Whether you need thousands of flyers for your next big event, a couple of yard signs for a neighborhood sale, or a big vinyl banner for your store’s grand re-opening, PrintRunner is the printing partner you can always rely on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer waterproof sticker materials?
Yes, we do. Choose white vinyl material for sticker singles and BOPP for roll stickers. Both materials are durable, waterproof, fade-resistant, and can be used outdoors.

Can I write on the stickers?
If you plan on writing on the sticker surface, print your stickers with our white paper sticker material. You can use a ballpoint pen to write on a sticker with a matte finish, while a gloss and high gloss coat would require a permanent ink marker.

Do you offer kiss-cut printing?
Yes, we do. Our kiss-cut stickers let you create custom-shaped stickers that retain the rectangular backing.

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, we do. Each qualified product purchase is eligible for free ground shipping in the mainland U.S. Additional charges may apply to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Not applicable to freight shipping.

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