The Benefits of Stickers to Enhance Your Packaging

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Custom stickers can captivate your audience.

Go out of the box with your product packaging by incorporating stickers! Personalized stickers are one of the most versatile marketing tools one can use especially for enhancing packaging. It can be used as the focal point of your design or included as a giveaway. The choice is yours! We’ve outlined some of the most popular ways you can use custom stickers to your advantage below.

Supercharge Your Packaging Strategy With Custom Stickers

When you walk down a grocery aisle or browse through the numerous shelves, what is the first thing you notice? We’ll bet that it’s stickers! Bold and colorful stickers on product packaging immediately draw the eye’s attention. They play an integral role in raising awareness for your product. However, this is just one of the many roles that stickers have in packaging! Custom stickers are one of the easiest and most affordable products you can utilize to boost your brand.

Read on for some of the most popular and important ways you can use stickers to supercharge your product packaging.

Three Benefits of Using Custom Stickers to Enhance Packaging

  • Seal of safety and approval – You can use stickers to communicate that a certain product is fresh such as baked goods and pastries. This can also be used to draw attention to award-winning items such as books that recently won a Pulitzer. When a customer sees a product with this sticker, their natural inclination is to pick it up. These stickers are usually designed to scream attention, with a gold or silver foil finish.
  • Save on cost – Stickers are inexpensive. You can print a lot of custom stickers to use on numerous products, especially if your product packaging is minimalist. You can use sticker sheets to print different shapes and sizes on a single sheet. Using simple logo stickers work well with jars and plain cardboard boxes. The stickers break the monotony and puts the focus on the design and messaging.
  • They’re fun giveaways – Stickers are usually inserted into product packaging as a throw-in. When customers open your packaging, they will appreciate your gesture of adding something extra. If they use your sticker giveaways on their personal items such as laptops, cellphones, or even bike helmets, you’re able to extend your branding practically free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sticker material should I use for packaging?

The ideal sticker material depends on where it will be used. For indoor use where the products won’t be exposed to moisture, we recommend white paper sticker or white premium paper sticker. If the product packaging will be exposed to water, refrigerated, or used outdoors, the best material to use would be white vinyl sticker or BOPP.

Can I save by ordering custom stickers in bulk?

Yes, you can. The more you buy, the bigger you can save.

What sticker finish should I choose for my packaging?

A matte finish is suitable for muted, natural tones. A gloss finish is a better alternative if you want colors to pop and be noticeable. High-gloss gives the stickers a shiny layer that offers UV-protection. Matte and gloss surfaces are writable with a ballpoint pen or a permanent ink marker. We do not recommend writing on high-gloss surfaces.

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