Boost School Spirit With Bumper Stickers

IColor Vinyl Bumber Sticker printing at printrunner.comf you’re a booster or coach looking for ways to get more funding for your school’s team or club, you can raise money and morale with bumper stickers! Your students’ friends and families are always looking for ways to show their support, and bumper stickers are a time-honored way to do it.

K.I.S.S. Design

Keep It Super Simple! A bumper sticker has to be a quick read, and visible from a distance. If your team or club has a logo and a slogan, that’s probably all you need. If not, keep the copy as brief as possible. A bumper sticker is not a newspaper ad – there’s no room to tell a story. If you have to write new copy, a humorous approach is better for bumper stickers than a serious tone.

Use color as much as possible to get attention once the sticker is on a bumper, but don’t try to reinvent anything. Tried and true is the best strategy. 2.5” x 9.25” is the classic size, and vinyl is the best material to use because of its durability.

K.I.S.S. Printing, Too

Online printing companies like offer easy and affordable solutions for creating and printing vinyl bumper stickers, which they can print and ship in as little as 4 days. is a creative, one-stop shop for all kinds of marketing and promotional needs; their website is a great resource for both getting ideas and getting started. In fact, you should check their website often for special coupons and deals on booster materials you probably use all the time. has very user-friendly, do-it-yourself online tools, or you can easily contact extremely knowledgeable in-house customer service representatives if you prefer personal service.

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