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Business cards are a necessity – but they can also be incredibly boring! You want your cards to work for you, allowing you to make connections with other professionals in your field, as well as potential clients. No matter what industry you work in, your main objective is to create a card that displays your contact information in a compelling manner. The trouble is, most people overlook the “compelling” part of the equation and print business cards that feature little more than their name, company, phone number and email address. If you’re suffering from the boring business card blues, here are some business card design tips to help you make your cards more interesting:

Always Print in Color

When you order your cards, your printer will give you a choice: Matte or glossy? While matte cards can be useful in some capacities, glossy business cards are usually the better choice. First, the glossy coating makes them more resistant to moisture, stains and spills; and second, glossy cards can make colors really “pop.” There is nothing more boring than a black and white business card on matte paper. Simply making the change to a glossy card with full color printing can instantly elevate your card and make it more interesting to people.

Choose a Photograph

Due to their small size, many people overlook the myriad possibilities for artwork that business cards can offer. Instead of adorning your card with little more than your company logo, why not choose a color photograph instead? If you’re a graphic designer or a photographer, this picture can be an example of your work; if you’re a performer or you work with people, it can be a picture of you; if you run a business, it can be a shot of your facilities or offices. You can even think “outside of the box” and use a picture of an adorable animal if you’re a vet or a pet groomer, or a famous artistic masterpiece if you work at a museum.

Add a Little Personal Flair

If you work freelance, why not use personal business cards instead of standard ones? Personal business cards can be used to advertise any aspect of your professional career – or your life in general – that you please. If you’re a soccer fan, emblazon your cards with a soccer ball. If you’re into music, include a photo of you performing onstage. Why not? They’re your cards!

Nod to the Holidays

Holidays are always fun, and having seasonal business cards on hand can help get people in the spirit and make your cards more memorable at the same time. Choose your favorite holiday, or one that is related to your business; for instance, if you work in retail, you might want Christmas cards, while a caterer might prefer cards that feature a picture of a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Clearly, business cards don’t have to be a bore – but it’s up to you to throw a little spice into the pot!

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