Brochure Updates: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Brochure UpdatesHave you read your brochure copy lately? Or even just taken a look at the word count and amount of space being used by text? Copy is vital to expressing your message and providing actionable instruction to your customers. But excess copy, like sentences or even paragraphs intended to describe a product or location in sensory detail, may be taking up precious real estate.

The solution is to assess your copy needs with a critical eye: determine what is essential and meaningful, and what information may be better served with a high quality color photograph or illustration.

One market that accomplishes speaking a thousand words while using very few is food. Take a moment to flip through a food magazine at the grocery checkout to see how the audience’s senses are engaged with every finely detailed photograph. What’s expressed in just one image could take an entire paragraph of copy to describe, even from the best of writers.

If you are finding yourself limited on space in a brochure layout, replacing copy with an image may be an ideal solution that maintains your intended message and even heightens its impact. Images are also ideal to reinforce key concepts and an reinforce calls to action. And further, images are easierĀ  for your audience to scan and process.

Take a look at your brochure with a critical eye and see if there may be opportunities to update with appealing imagery. Order from by September 30 and get 25% off brochure printing!

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