3 Ways to Promote Your Business on Memorial Day

Studies have shown that throughout boom and bust economies, alcohol sales seem to remain fairly consistent. Consumers purchase wine, beer and both to celebrate good moments and to help ease the bad ones. But in a competitive market where warehouse stores promise tremendous variety and savings, local liquor retailers must work hard to expand and maintain their customer base. Try the following marketing promotions to help increase customer traffic and profitability:

Samples = Sales

Alcohol distributors always are looking to increase their market share. Ask your rep to help you arrange exclusive in-store tastings for wines or beer.  Promote your tasting events by hanging a custom designed banner in front of your location. Bold messages like “Free Wine Tasting Friday” or “Sample New Microbrews Here” can generate local interest and help draw a crowd.  To make the tasting events more elaborate, let guests enjoy free finger foods or snacks (you can even partner with a local caterer to cross promote both businesses). Offer exclusive event-only specials or case discounts on the brands being promoted.

Give it away…

Take advantage of the customers buying beer, wine and liquor for Memorial Day barbeques, beach parties and picnics. Your alcohol distributor can provide promotional items like branded coolers, picnic chairs, umbrellas or home bar decorations branded by popular liquor producers. Raffle these items off in your store every week to encourage repeat business. Display each prize near point of sale or the doorway, along with an entry box and raffle forms that require a customer to list their name, address, email and phone number. You can use this information later to send holiday cards, flyers, or postcards that promote special events, sales or even VIP discounts to reward customer loyalty.

Stick to it

Have promotional magnets available at the checkout counter for customers to take. A well-designed magnet will promote your store on refrigerators for years. Magnets are a great way to promote a store that offers home delivery of liquor, beer, wine or ice.

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