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Advertising for a restaurant can be tricky. The challenge is to catch potential customers when they’re not only hungry, but in the mood specifically for the kind of cuisine you serve. That’s why the most successful restaurateurs say that the best way to grow your business is to market directly to the customers you already have. If you introduce new drinks, specials and seasonal menu items to your customers on a regular basis, they’ll return again and again – and they’ll bring their friends and family along, thereby increasing your restaurant’s exposure to a whole new group of people. One of the simplest and most effective ways to advertise your latest offerings is by placing custom printed table tents on every table in your restaurant – but you can’t simply print the tents and expect them to take care of the rest for you! First, you have to ask yourself whether your table tents have enough personality to capture customers’ attention – and leave them hungry for more.

Table Tent Tips

The first step toward making sure your table tents stand out and grab your guests is to make sure you include photos of the dishes or drinks you’re trying to promote – and always print in color. A glossy finish is more professional than matte, and will help amplify the richness of the colors in your display, in addition to standing up to accidental spills and splatters that can occur at the table. But once you have these basics in place, you may find that your table tents are still a little boring. What’s the solution? To tie your tents in with the season! Nothing is more festive than a holiday-themed table tent. It will get guests talking and inspire them to order the new menu item you’re advertising.

There are many different holidays throughout the year, giving you ample opportunity to revamp your table tents as you see fit. For example, are you offering a special Mother’s Day brunch? Create a table tent in rich shades of red and pink, or add an adorable mother-and-child wildlife photo. Is your bar having a 4th of July fiesta? Then a colorful table tent featuring fireworks exploding mid-air will inspire patrons to join in the fun. Choose a spooky theme for Halloween – black cats, ghosts or jack o’lanterns are ghoulishly festive – and a cozy one for the winter months. To be as inclusive as possible, consider forgoing traditional Christmas trappings in favor of snowflakes and pine trees.

All it takes is a simple nod to the holidays to ensure that your table tents are full of personality and ready to draw people in.

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