Transform The Way You Use Printed Brochures

If you’re one of the many small businesses who repeatedly dismiss a need for professionally printed brochures, think again. Consider a few new ways you can use brochures, transforming them from a stack of useless dusty paper into multi-purpose marketing machines.

Snail Mail

When you create a tri-fold brochure, print your return address on the panel next to the cover and leave room for an address label and postage. There is usually room to speak to your addressee with a nice marketing message too, just check with your local post office to get exact specifications. Simply staple or tape the brochure closed and you’ve got an instant direct mail piece.

What’s the Deal?

Print a coupon or valuable savings offer in your brochure as an incentive to utilize your products or services. Use no expiration date, or leave it blank so you can manually write one in when you distribute. This tactic increases the shelf life of your brochure supply.

Generally speaking….

Keep topics basic and don’t use dated photos, testimonials or information. By sticking to general knowledge about your company, products or services, you will be able to use the brochures for several years—without a need to reprint.

Stuff it!

If you want to include a price list or dated information, (i.e. schedule or calendar) instead of printing directly on the brochure, create simple 3.5” x 8.25” inserts that can be stuffed in the folded brochure. They can be printed cheaply in black and white, or even produced 3-up as color copies. The ability to reprint and update as necessary eliminates the need for making cost-prohibitive edits to the color brochure.

Visit and try their do-it-yourself design tool. Even if you have no prior design experience, they offer interactive templates that guide you step-by-step—and in just a few clicks, you can create the perfect brochure to work overtime for your business.

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