Effective Marketing: Make an Impact

The print materials you leave behind can say a lot about your small business, and there are many formats to communicate with your customers in—from sales sheets to business cards. But it’s no secret that your competition is probably leaving behind the same types of materials. So how can you stand out and advertise your business effectively?

There are a few things that can help your small business stand out from the pack. One is consistency. A fragmented message, be it in your print visuals, copy, or presentation, can send the wrong message to potential customers. Mismatched colors and graphics or copy that doesn’t tell a linear story tells your prospects that you’re not detail-oriented and have taken your eye off the ball. While the opposite may be true, that may not be what your print pieces are saying on your behalf. To solve this problem, there are many handy templates you can utilize, and you can use a design tool to have full creative control.

Another common pitfall is a simple lack of enthusiasm in print. Your sales staff may be the most personable and passionate in the business, but what will your customers remember when, a few days or weeks later, they come across a business card design that just doesn’t say much about your business? There’s a lot you can communicate in color choice, logo, font, layout, and content. Printing in vivid color, choosing a font that’s expressive, and keeping your communications clear can go a long way.

Even the smallest details can say something about your business, like the type of paper you choose to print on. For example, if your company’s big on “being green”, there’s environmentally-friendly 100% recycled paper that shows your potential customers that you’re dedicated and conscientious.

It’s all about talking the talk and walking the walk—so go ahead and let your print advertisements do the walking for you!

To get started making your mark, check out full color, double-sided business cards from PrintRunner. They’re printed on your choice of 14 pt card stock with a high gloss finish or 13 pt 100% recycled paper with a matte finish, both sturdy and ready to tell your customers something about you, even long after the meeting’s over.

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