Inspiring Fourth of July Articles for Greeting Card Ideas

Fourth of July - July 4thDifferent activities such as barbecues, parades, firework displays, baseball games, carnivals, fairs, picnics, and concerts, among others, take place during the Fourth of July.

Small business owners take this event as an opportunity to promote their products and services via sales and promotions to commemorate this special occasion. Photographers, however, can take great pictures of the festivities and print them out as postcards and greeting cards to be sold or handed out to people.

If you are a photographer, below are fourth of July articles that you as photographer might find helpful:

Fireworks Photos: Have Fun on the 4th of July

This post is a tutorial on how to get the most color and precision in your 4th of July firework photography. It features practical examples that will get you professional photos, regardless of the camera you have!

Fourth of July Photo tips: How to Shoot Fireworks

This post discusses very easy to follow and practical tricks on how beginning photographers can take professional photos of fireworks. The tips also apply to light photography as well.

30 Great Fourth of July Fireworks Photos

This inspiration post containing a collection of firework photographs should encourage you to apply the tips mentioned on the previous resources.

30 Inspirational Photos for the Fourth of July

This roundup post features fourth of July photos that capture the essence of American independence and how the people celebrate freedom and valor of its roots and ancestry.

Happy 4th of July: Photography by Weegee

A collection of photographs by Arthur Fellig, an Austrian who moved to the USA and later became a renowned photographer by the name of Weegee. He captured moments and drama in the life of Americans as we celebrated the fourth of July.

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