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Holiday Invitations PrintingDid you know that May 22 is “Buy a Musical Instrument Day”? Or that May 24 is “National Escargot Day”? Neither did we, but there’s a quirky holiday for just about every day of the year. Maybe it’s time for your business to get in on the action.

Greeting Card Opportunities

Making up a holiday may seem silly at first, but it’s a great way to generate interest and get people excited about what you have to offer. You can take advantage of one of the many existing, documented holidays (like “National Hug Your Cat” day, if you happen to offer pet care), or make up your own reason to celebrate and get your customers in on the act.

There are plenty of marketing opportunities to be had once you’ve chosen a date and a name for your holiday. Hold a picnic or barbecue, throw a special sale, offer free shipping—the possibilities are pretty much endless. After all, this is your day. Here’s an example: A company makes a soothing line of skin creams and soaps, so they’re creating and celebrating National Love Your Skin day with a free sample in-store promotion that comes with a coupon. All their visitors have to do to get the sample kit is sign up for an e-mail newsletter.

With the above example, the skin care company has boosted sales and store traffic, raised awareness of their brand, and collected a customer contact list that will encourage future sales. Making up a holiday and celebrating it with your business is far more than a marketing gimmick. It can really put you on the map by generating media attention, and build awareness of your business among the community on whatever level you choose to target, be it local, regional, or national.

To get the word out, try sending personalized color postcard or greeting card invitations, and be sure to have plenty of printed materials on hand for your co-celebrants to take home.

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