Halloween Print Design Inspiration: Stop-Motion Animated Films

Entrepreneurs are aware that any upcoming occasion is an opportunity for them to market and promote their businesses. October is no exception as Halloween store promos and events are scheduled.  For those looking for last-minute print designs to use for your Halloween marketing campaign, get your inspiration from 3-D stop-motion horror movies. Instead of using generic clip art or cliche images, innovate your print marketing using Halloween characters that people know by name. You can get design ideas from movies for your marketing tools like brochures, flyers and posters for your Halloween announcements.

Here are four of the most popular stop-motion animated movies that can help you set the Halloween mood for your print marketing.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) is a crossover between Halloween and Christmas themes. Jack Skellington heads the annual celebration of Halloween in Halloween Town. But when he has gone tired of the annual festivities, he wanders and reaches Christmas Town. The story revolved around how Jack tried to take over Christmas but learns that he belongs only to Halloween Town.

Jack of Nightmare Before Christmas


 Nightmare Before Christmas

Photo credit: citykane via photopin cc

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is a movie by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson. It’s a story between a Victorian Era Elite Victor and a bride who rose from the dead, Emily. This film has been an inspiration for costumes and themes since it was released in 2005.

Corpse Bride Poster

Photo credit: Jeffrey04 via photopin cc

Emily - Corpse Bride

Photo credit: attila.szantner via photopin cc

Corpse Bride

Photo credit: grahamcase via photopin cc


Coraline is a 2009 adaptation of the novel of Neil Gaiman of the same title. Coraline was up to an unexpected adventure in their new home where she found better, “other” version of her real world. But she later finds out the dark secrets of this “new” world and becomes contented with her actual life. The movie isn’t directly Halloween related but the eeriness of the characters and plot makes the movie apt for Halloween.

Coraline Poster

Photo credit: joanneteh_32(loving Laduree) via photopin cc

Wybie and Coraline

Photo credit: joanneteh_32(loving Laduree) via photopin cc

Miss Spink and Miss Forcible

Photo credit: joanneteh_32(loving Laduree) via photopin cc


Frankenweenie (2012) is another Tim Burton film about how Victor Frankenstein brought back to life his dead dog, Sparky. When Victor’s classmates discover the reanimation formula, they created monsters out of dead animals. Victor and Sparky manages to save the town from the monsters.

Frankenweenie Zoey by Sarah Ackerman

Photo credit: Sarah_Ackerman via photopin cc


Photo credit: insidethemagic via photopin cc

Let the characters and the elements featured in the films above guide you in creating your Halloween campaigns. Be as kooky and creative as possible with your design ideas to achieve the maximum effect for your marketing tools. For your printing needs, check out our Design Services and order from our complete list of products.

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