Advertise With Affordable Brochures This Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching and people are starting to make their travel plans. Among these plans are people that are looking to rent a home for the holidays. Destination holidays are popular with families that live far apart from one another, so they pick a place in the middle where everyone can meet up. Some families just want to have a place big enough for everyone to stay together. Others want to get out of the snow, while still others want to get snowed in! Whatever it is that makes your holiday rental unique and special is what you should advertise in order to entice people to stay at your rental instead of at home. A. affordable brochure can be the best way to tell people about the place you are advertising. Planning holiday getaways can be stressful for many people; help make it less so by providing detailed information in a brochure.

  • Brochures are a great advertising choice because they are inexpensive to make and the price decreases per unit as the amount ordered increases. That means printing in bulk is encouraged, and you can reach more people with a single campaign. Since a brochure is one sheet of paper, the cost remains affordable.
  • The design of your holiday brochure is important. You want to be sure that you are conveying that your rental is perfect for the season, so it helps to use photographs of the property with seasonal decorations. You are selling an image and a feeling with your holiday rental, and that should be conveyed through the pictures you choose. You may be tempted to just modify your regular brochure slightly by adding the words “available for the holidays,” but the people who see your brochure might not even notice the text. A picture with holiday imagery will immediately communicate the necessary sentiment.
  • Providing testimonials of past holiday vacationers is an enticing element to add to your brochure. People love to hear reviews, and by providing them with first hand experience in your brochure, you give them the opportunity to imagine themselves in the same holiday situation.

Talk with your printing company to see if they have any holiday templates for brochures that you can modify to suit your purposes. They may have a festive font or holiday appropriate design feature that can help illustrate the fact that you are advertising a holiday getaway.

Cheap brochures can be one of the most effective advertising tools for your holiday rental. In addition to the fun design tips you can incorporate, you can also do a mailing of your brochures for a relatively affordable cost. Since you don’t need envelopes to mail brochures, the savings are already built in.

Take advantage of this affordable marketing option to tell people about your holiday rental. They can create new traditions and special memories by booking a holiday getaway!

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