How Marketing Automation Makes Lead Acquisition and Customer Retention Much Easier [Infographic]

Time, money, and effort are three key proponents that determine productivity of doing marketing for your business. Productivity, in this case, is the ability to convert leads into customers and convince customers to purchase from you again.

The less time and money spent successfully on acquiring high-quality leads (for B2C) and retaining customers (for B2B), the more efficient your use of resources in getting your marketing tasks done.

Enter marketing automation. This software lifts the heavy burden of  nurturing your relationships with leads and engaging with customers by streamlining both processes using a single tool. More importantly, marketing automation measures results by figuring out conversion rate and tracking down ROI. These provide data on what needs to be done next.

For a better explanation how marketing automation can benefit your company, below is Marketo‘s infographic about this type of software.

The Magic Behind the Curtain: Marketing Automation Makes it All Happen [Infographic](Source)

There are other marketing automation software available other than Marketo – click here to check out an infographic of the most popular tools to use.

Your turn, folks! Have you used marketing automation tools before? Have they help you nurture and extend relationships, as well as improve your ROI? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below!

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  1. Cool article! But as you said there are other marketing automation tools than Marketo. And more than HubSpot, Pardot or Eloqua. A very comprehensive list might be found here:

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