Mexican-inspired goods and recipes

My Business Plan: Mercado Lula

Mexico’s beautiful and iconic culture is too compelling to ignore. With rich cultural origins and uniquely delightful flavors, Mexican food is a favorite of people from different corners of the world. If you’re looking for…

My Business Plan: Hotels4Teams

We’ve all been involved in sports at some point in our lives. I was briefly a volleyball player for my high school’s varsity team, and what I remember most about that time weren’t the trophies…

Corporate identity and branding inspiration examples

50 Inspiring Examples of Corporate Identity and Branding

A marketing strategy won’t come full circle without the proper corporate identity and branding implemented on all your promotional tools. Think of your branding as a means to get in with your target audience. By…

A successful trade show is measured through business networking

7 Essential Tips for a Successful Trade Show

One of the best investments to get customers and build business connections is attending a trade show. With dozens of other business participants however, it is a very competitive place. But I have you covered….

Best Time to Advertise Social Media

When Is the Best Time to Advertise on Social Media?

So you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and sell. The question now is: when is the best time to advertise on social media? Unlike traditional marketing like flyer distribution, the right time to promote…

Employees Bring Customers Back

What You Need to Know to Bring Customers Back

The one problem retailers often think about is how to increase foot traffic in their store and bring customers back. When customers come too few in between, entrepreneurs are left in in a state of…

Bookstore marketing can help your book sales

4 Insightful Ideas for Your Bookstore Marketing

raditional bookstores have their backs against the wall as electronic books are slowly supplanting the book printing industry. E-book readers have changed the reading habits of people. However, there is always a place for bookstores…