How to Market With Stickers

Stickers and labels

For any small business, custom sticker printing is a cheap and effective way to generate brand awareness. But they’re more than just affordable advertising. They’re also a way for us to express ourselves.

From the brands that we like, our hobbies, beliefs, and even political stance, custom stickers give us a way to tell the world about ourselves. Plus, they’re fun and cute. Brands know this and leverage stickers to gain more customers and boost brand recognition.

How To Use Stickers for Your Business

Here are some of the best ways to print stickers and effectively use them for marketing your business.

Use stickers for logo printing. We mean sticking your logo on everything! Stickers are generally small, but people often forget that you can print window clings and wall decals. That way, your brand will surely get noticed. Print stickers and apply them to your store windows for added visibility. Stick them on the floors with a welcome message for customers to see as soon as they enter your shop. Create an eye-catching design or message and stick it on the walls to bring life to your interiors. The sky’s the limit with sticker printing.

Print stickers for event handouts. Whether you’re celebrating a store opening, attending a trade show, or sponsoring an event with other brands, stickers are a great way to get people to remember you long after the event is over. Cut-to-size and kiss-cut sticker formats come pre-cut and ready to distribute. You can stack them on the counter for visitors to take or add them to goodie bags along with other marketing collateral.

Include custom stickers with customer purchases. This is one of the most popular ways e-commerce brands enhance the purchasing experience. Since these businesses don’t have a physical store, they leverage their product unboxing to make a memorable impression, as it’s the only time customers get face-to-face interaction with their brand. Try printing sticker sheets with multiple designs and use them as freebies. It’s a small gesture but adds significant value to your customer’s purchase.

Sell your stickers as branded merchandise. Don’t underestimate the power of sticker marketing. Customers who love your brand will want to share it with others. Standout sticker designs, on-brand iconography, and other versions of your logo can be printed and sold as branded merchandise. You can replenish every few months with new sticker designs for the avid collectors.

Print life-size stickers that make an impact. An idea or message can go viral with the right sticker design and placement. Guerrilla marketing involves designing a sticker to incorporate with urban settings like staircases and elevators, but with an unconventional twist that would make people pause and look. For example, a sports magazine displayed a life-sized sticker of a surfboard on walkways to promote their brand.

Sticker Printing With PrintRunner

When it comes to custom stickers, PrintRunner guarantees fast and affordable printing. Writable or waterproof, glossy or matte—our stickers come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

Versatile order calculator. With any sticker you choose, you can easily personalize it on our website order calculator. All sizes, materials, printing specifications, and turnaround times available for that product are listed for you to choose from.

Instant price quotes. Not sure what type of sticker fits your budget? Our order calculator automatically generates the price for your selected printing options. You can also choose your preferred shipping options and costs before confirming your order.

Quick printing turnarounds. If you have a deadline, we offer a variety of printing turnarounds you can choose from. Our most popular stickers have 1-business-day printing turnaround options if you’re in a rush.

Free file proofs. Aside from free templates and online design tools, we can also check your design file for free to make sure it’s print-ready!

Not sure what type of sticker to order? You can request a free sample kit delivered to your address. This kit includes our most popular products and a swatch kit that shows various materials. You can compare stickers stocks and see what size works best for your requirements.

Whatever kind of stickers you choose, PrintRunner guarantees high-quality printing services and guaranteed turnarounds. If you have any questions or inquiries, you can reach our customer support team at 1-888-296-5760.

How to Customize Your Stickers

Printing stickers on our website is easy and hassle-free. Our order calculator lets you customize from start to finish. Ready to get started?.

Sticker Format
Stickers come in four (4) types: cut-to-size, rolls, sheets, and kiss-cut.

  • Cut-to-size stickers are individually cut and shipped in stacks. They are best for small quantity orders and manual applications. Each label is already trimmed separately, according to your preferred size and shape. This format is best used for event handouts and freebies.
  • Roll stickers are printed and wrapped around a cardboard spool that can be used with a dispenser. For bulk printing and faster sticker application, we highly recommend the roll format.
  • Sheet stickers are printed on 8.5″ x 11″ adhesive paper. This format helps save storage space because they’re easy to stack and store. This is also suitable if you want to print multiple designs on a single sheet.
  • Kiss-cut stickers come with a border that protects intricate shapes. You can also print on the border for added branding. Like cut-to-size singles, these come in individual pieces as well.

Size and Shape
You can print stickers as small as 0.5″ x 1″ or as large as 9″ x 12″. Our standard shapes include square and rectangle, circle, and oval sizes that look great with logo printing. If you have a different design in mind, you can try our Custom Shape option, and we’ll trim the stickers according to their exact shape and size.

Sticker Materials
Choose from our selection of label stocks suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. From premium white sticker paper, waterproof white vinyl to refrigerator-safe BOPP material, our high-quality label options are made to last a long time.

Sticker Coatings
You can add protective finishes to your stickers. These also enhance your design. The gloss finish has a vibrant shine and boosts color saturation, while matte coating adds an elegant, anti-glare coating suitable for darker colors.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best sticker material?

This depends on what your sticker requirements are. If you need stickers for general indoor applications, the best sticker material would be white premium sticker paper. It comes with a premium semi-gloss finish, but you can add matte or gloss coating for more protection. If you need something waterproof for outdoor exposure, white vinyl stickers are suitable. It’s thick, tear-resistant, and comes with a UV-resistant glossy finish.

Are your custom stickers waterproof?

Yes, we offer waterproof sticker options. You can choose between white vinyl and biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) material. White vinyl is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use. BOPP material is a water-resistant adhesive with similar properties to plastic film.

Can I print custom stickers in any shape?

Yes. Whatever sticker format you choose, we can trim your stickers in any size and shape you want. Be sure to select Custom in the dropdown options on the order calculator.

How soon will I receive my stickers?

This depends on the available printing turnaround options for your sticker product. You can get an estimated delivery date using the order calculator. To do this, select your preferred sticker printing specs, then input your 5-digit ZIP code. The order calculator automatically provides shipping options and costs you can choose from.

Do I approve a proof before you print the labels?

Yes, our prepress team will e-mail you a PDF document for your review. You can check the proof for any design errors and make necessary changes before your order goes to print. This process is free of charge and will be ready within 6 hours after you place your order.

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