How to Start Your Business Marketing Plan

Supporting Your Business Plan at Printrunner.comHaving the skills, dedication, enthusiasm and intelligence to run a small business is a tribute to your entrepreneurial spirit.  Unfortunately, sometimes even the most talented people who start a business do not succeed, while many others in the same industry seem to flourish. A solid business plan is usually one critical item that sets a successful business apart from those that struggle and eventually fail.

Does your business have a well-developed marketing plan, or do you simply open the door and hope business will come to you?  How closely do you adhere to your forecasted plan, and is your plan designed to adapt to economic or other changes in the market?  How do you quantify your return on investment?

Write it down.

This may sound simple, but only about 25% of small businesses actually have a written marketing plan prepared.

Get Real.

Set realistic goals. It would be wonderful if your clothing boutique could produce the next designer couture line worn by celebs walking the red carpet, but that is unlikely. Set goals inspired by your motivation, yet are still obtainable.  Even something as simple as adding ten new customers each week is a plan you can put into action.

Full steam ahead!

Formulate a plan that will target your goal(s) and can deliver results. Craft your marketing strategies to steer your business in the same direction, and print all materials with redemption codes that let you measure your results:

  • Send postcard mailers to an existing or new customer list. An alluring offer printed with a redemption code will help stimulate interest.
  • Offer referral bonuses to existing customers. Use custom designed referral cards they can be distributed to friends and neighbors.
  • Maintain a brand identity in your advertising. Marketing materials like vinyl banners, flyers, table tents, hang tags, letterhead, business cards and brochures should all be professionally designed to portray a polished and credible image.

An online print shop like makes it easy to print everything you need to support your business plan. Shopping online offers convenience, and unmatched value in creating customized business cards, brochures, lawn signs, magnets, brochures and much, much more. Even if you have no graphic design experience—or you’re not the creative type— features a fabulous online interactive design tool letting you design and creative, professional items with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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