How to Improve Your Law Firm Marketing With Brochures

Thanks to the images portrayed on TV and in the movies, it’s easy to understand why the public might think lawyers always have more business than they can handle, and never have to worry about finding new clients or keeping the ones they have. In real life, however, the business is rarely glamorous, loyalty among clients can be an issue, and it’s especially hard for new attorneys to establish themselves. Law firm marketing is an essential part of building a practice.

Making a Case for Brochures

A basic principle of marketing is that the more touch points you can create with a customer or prospect, the more likely they are to think of you whenever they need what you have to offer. People trust brands, and branding efforts are just as important in the legal profession as in any other industry. Done correctly, branding helps people remember your name or the name of your firm, and pays off whether the process of selecting representation is a considered and proactive one, or the opposite – when an unexpected need for legal counsel suddenly presents itself.

Like a business card, a good brochure supplies all the contact information anyone needs to initiate a relationship. But unlike a business card, a brochure offers an opportunity to give prospects additional information. People are less likely to throw away brochures than newspaper ads.

Creating an Effective Brochure Isn’t Hard

If you’re putting together a brochure for your practice, make sure you clearly communicate the benefits of coming to you, what sets you apart from other attorneys. Color also helps your brochure stand out, as does its size. Online printing companies make it possible to print brochures in full color and offer many different sizes for very reasonable prices.

Now is a good time to start thinking about marketing your practice with an informative, impressive brochure.

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