Leave a Good Impression Behind With Presentation Folders

Presentation folders, sometimes called leave-behinds, help you accomplish your goals before, during and after a meeting. Before the meeting they help you focus on what you want to accomplish because you have to fill it as you get prepared. During the meeting they can help you make sure you cover all your talking points because you can empty it for reference and reinforcement as you proceed. And after the meeting they’re a great leave behind for your customer or prospect to keep on file, as a reminder of everything you talked about.

More than a Container

The phrase “form follows function” refers to the idea that the way something looks should be based on its intended use or purpose. There’s nothing impressive or compelling about a standard beige folder. But a customized, full-color folder gives you an additional opportunity to make another impression on your customer or prospect. It can be used to demonstrate your attention to detail and help you stand out from the competition.

Online printing companies are an excellent resource for custom printed full-color folders complete with pockets to hold content and slots to insert your business card. PrintRunner.com is an online printing company can help you with design as well as printing. PrintRunner.com uses sturdy cardboard stock and offers coating options that make your folders resistant to smudges and fingerprints, and prevents them from yellowing over time if you want to keep them in stock. Their online tools are simple to use, or you can easily contact their in-house consultants for personal service.

About the Author

PrintRunner offers online printing service based in Van Nuys, California. They specialize in supplying discerning clients with superior print stickers, business cards, posters, postcards, and other products at affordable rates. Get a FREE copy of their sample kit now and see for yourself.

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