Make Your Letterhead Stationery Memorable

Many businesses make the mistake of simply placing a logo at the top of a blank sheet of white paper, and this is why so many letterheads fail to make an impact. Like most other expenses, your letterhead is an investment that should work to promote your company image.

Every message you send on company letterhead communicates something about your business. With a little creativity, you can stand out from the crowd without changing the amount you’ve budgeted for printed stationery.

Letterhead Stationery Tips

It’s a given that your letterhead includes your company logo, but there are many ways you can jazz things up. For example, take a page from search giant Google’s well-known, ever-changing logo playbook: try making your logo seasonal or topical. It takes a little bit of planning ahead, but it’s a memorable touch that recipients will notice (and once they’ve noticed, your name will stick in their mind).

Another simple way to attract more attention when sending communications on letterhead is the use of colorful graphic templates. You can design your own template, or choose from plenty of professionally designed options to generate a look that’s uniquely yours. Borders, watermarks, and other features can turn a plain white sheet of paper into something much more impactful.

You may also want to play with fonts and colors until you land on a look that’s right for your business. Bold words with just a splash of color can be just as eye-catching as a more complicated design approach and may be exactly the vehicle you need to convey your message.  On the other hand, a light sans-serif font
with delicate design elements may be more your style. Either way, don’t give up until you find the style that hits the right notes

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