Manage Your Catalog Marketing

Catalog & Booklet Printing at PrintRunner.comIf you run a small to mid-size business and publish a catalog quarterly or more frequently, you’ll need to stay on top of trends, be season-appropriate, and keep your focus. Keeping your catalog printing preparation organized can be a handful, but keeping an up-to-date editorial calendar can give you the foresight you need to stay on top of things.

The editorial calendar can be used in many ways by many different people, but at its core it’s a planning tool. It outlines kick-off dates, milestones, and deadlines, and provides the opportunity to define future goals and content.

Consider what you’d like to achieve with your next catalog, and align your goals with any special promotions that may be upcoming. Further, consider news events or seasonal trends that may have an impact on the type of content you want to include in your catalog. Then you can outline ideas and topics to include. You can do the same thing for the following catalog, and even the catalog after that.

Of course, you can’t anticipate the unexpected. But having a flexible plan in place can give you peace of mind and the opportunity to focus on fine-tuning your catalog design, layout, and other elements as well as any other print marketing efforts you’re pursuing.

Staying one step ahead can make your marketing more effective and make it easier for you to adapt to unexpected changes in the marketplace. Start building your editorial calendar today for the next print runs of your catalog.  Get 25% off Catalogs & Booklets at PrintRunner!

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