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How to Manage Brand Identity for Small Businesses

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This is the third and last part of a 3-part series about Public Relations and Brand Identity.

Managing brand identity ensures that all your marketing efforts are directed to projecting the image of your small business borne from creating and building it.

Ultimately, managing your brand ensures that you are navigating within the character you have built for your brand and not away from it.

Data Gathering and Analysis

After holding events, below-the-line marketing efforts, projects, advertisements, or any activity involving interaction between your brand and the consumers, use the data you’ve collected and transcribe these to graphs for easy analysis. This would allow you to not only figure out what made your campaign effective or ineffective, but also base your annual marketing plan.

Aside from data that you have collected from previous marketing efforts, another way of gathering data – especially to know your brand position in the market is by conducting research. You can do this either by hiring a third party to conduct a research for you or you can do it yourself if you’re statistics-savvy.

Develop an Annual PR Plan

After carefully analyzing the data you gathered, you should have enough and concrete basis in making an annual PR plan. Remember to always ask yourself what went wrong and how can I make it better this time. This brings us back to making a SWOT analysis, which is discussed in depth here.

Follow-up Projects and Media Reinforcements

Organize small events that are related to major PR events that you planned out on your annual PR plan. Market these small events and contests by employing printing services to promote promote your business such as the use of flyers and business cards. This should keep the buzz you created going for at least another week or more.

Follow our post entitled “Marketing Posters – Six Effective Tips” to beep up your marketing campaigns using posters.

Search for free media you can utilize to further widen your scope, make people hear about you by being visible in social networking sites and other below-the-line marketing strategies.

Maintain Amicable Relationships

As you execute plans, organize follow-up events, and gain additional exposure via free media, you will need to learn how to establish rapport with the people you meet.

They may range from being assistants of other businesses to local government employees and officials. Regardless of their job descriptions, you won’t know when you will be needing their help in organizing another event along the way.

Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

It is important that you give back what you take, one way or another. Support a non-profit organization or organize an event that would affiliate you to a certain cause.  This way, you promote your business as socially aware and also gain additional contacts and potential business partners in the process.

If you have additional information or an unforgettable experience about managing your brand identity, please share it with us by writing your comments below.



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