Mobile Marketing Meets Print Advertising: Short Codes, Hashtags and QR Codes

Mobile Marketing at PrintRunner.comYou’re ready to place a print order for beautiful flyers or posters that are to be shared locally or nationally—great! But there might be a way you can add a whole new layer to your marketing effort for little extra expense that will encourage interactivity and add value on a big scale. All it takes is adding a keyword or code to your print advertising pieces.

We’re talking about short codes, hashtags, and QR codes, of course. You may have heard these buzzwords around the marketing mill, and you may be familiar with what they are. Here’s a refresher, just in case:

A short code is a telephone number or corresponding letter combination that your potential customers can text to get more information or to opt into a program. For example, a user might be directed to text “SPRING” to 12345 to receive a free coupon code or free admission to an event, enter a sweepstakes, or subscribe to further promotional text messages.

Hashtags are keywords used on the popular social media service, Twitter. They come in the format “#keyword”. Users may search for a hashtag to find all postings that are relevant and have been tagged to that keyword. It’s a great way to encourage your customers to join in the conversation, hunt for deals, and follow your Twitter feed for further news and updates.

QR codes are bar codes that you may have seen cropping up on everything from billboards to business cards. Users with camera phones or barcode scanners included on their smart phones (Android phones, for example, have built in barcode scanners on some models) snap a shot of or scan the QR code on your flyer, postcard, poster, or other print marketing piece, and are taken to a targeted website that can offer information or some form of special promotion.

Of the three options, hashtags are the most economical. All you need to get started is a free Twitter account and a way to promote your hashtag (this is where your print marketing will do the work). You’ll also need a little bit of time to brainstorm the perfect keyword for your tag.

Your print promotions come into play as a great means to spread the word and call your customers to action. Encourage your customers to interact with your mobile or online effort, reward them with a discount, freebie or just useful information, and you’ll see an increased level of engagement with your print advertising that’s measurable.

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