How to Have Mobile Marketing With Your Vehicle

Car Door Magnet Printing at PrintRunner.comIn the digital age, “mobile marketing” means something else. But for the purpose of this post, it’s more about offline marketing with your company vehicle(s). Specifically, it’s about offline, direct response marketing using versatile and durable car door magnets.

If you have just one company car, or a full fleet of vehicles that travel on a daily basis, consider them a blank advertising canvas that can give your business some great mobile exposure. Car door magnets add oomph to your visibility around the neighborhood (or across the country, depending on how far your vehicles typically travel). They’re available in many colors and sizes, are durable, weather-resistant, and customizable. Plus, you can easily swap them without doing any damage or making any permanent alterations to a paint job.

Thinking about a car door magnet but not sure what information to include? Your company name, logo, and phone number, of course, are the 3 must-have pieces of information. But a clever and memorable call to action, a bulleted list of your services, or another contact point are all useful pieces to consider including (other contact points could include a cell phone number, an e-mail address or web URL, a mobile shortcode, or social media location).

The golden rule in car magnet marketing is to keep things simple. Most of the customers who see your advertising will likely be on the move in some way, whether on foot or in another vehicle, so it’s important to be straightforward in your calls to action and ensure the text (at the very least, the phone number and company name) is large enough to read from a distance. Check out your car door magnet options by visiting


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