New Year, New Start: Freshen Up Your Business Cards

Creating new business cards that have updated photos, contact information, social network info and more can give you a fresh start for the new year.

A new year is right around the corner, and every start of the calendar year gives you the opportunity to revamp your image and inject it with new life. One of the easiest ways to do this from a business standpoint is to update your business cards. Chances are that you have had the same business card for quite some time now, and you have continued to hand it out to new contacts at networking meetings, and have probably tossed it into a raffle bowl at your favorite restaurant. Who doesn’t like a chance to win free lunch? If you think that you will continue the same card-handing-out practices into the new year, designing and printing a new business card can help increase your visibility in the community, which will hopefully translate into increased interest in yourself or your company.

Updated Photos…

Are you using a photo that doesn’t look like you anymore? Maybe you’ve lost weight, changed your hair color or even just aged a few years Having your appearance change is totally fine; in fact, it’s expected. However, if you are using an outdated photo of yourself on your business card, then you may be doing more harm than good. The purpose of including a picture is so that people can make a visual connection between you and your business. If your picture doesn’t represent you at your best anymore, then how are they supposed to remember you? Maybe you aren’t using a photo of yourself but instead you are using a photo of a product that you are known for or a service that you offer. If that product photo looks dated, the recipients of your cards will assume that your business is dated as well. Perception is everything when it comes to business cards, since they often solidify a first impression. Updating the photographs you use on your business card is worth it every time. New contacts will appreciate the current feel of your card, and people that have seen your card before will be impressed with the updates that you’ve made.

Updated Contact Information…

Your phone number, email address, website, physical address and more may all be the same on your business card. So why would you need to update your contact information? Have you branched out into the world of social networking for your business? If so, you can continue your online networking in the offline world by updating your business card. So many businesses are seeing the advantages of social networking and offering real value to their customers with exclusive deals and specials on their fan pages and profiles. If you have taken advantage of this new wave of marketing, then it makes sense to at least include the well-known icons for these networks on your business card. That way, people you meet will know that you have an online presence and will seek you out.

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