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An US-based developer working for Verizon made the news early this year, for allegedly outsourcing his whole job to Chinese contractors. What’s amazing is that Verizon actually commended him  over the “impeccable” quality of his work. He had paid the contractors 50,000 USD a year, about the equivalent of 20% of what the work would have caused in the US.

Not only was the work done cheap, it was supposedly the best in that particular employee’s building. He spent his free time browsing the internet and to Verizon’s annoyance, taking on freelance work. To make things worse, he even shipped his RSA SecurID to China to facilitate the work that he was supposed to be doing himself.

The whole incident, for better or worse,  highlights the appeal of outsourcing overseas. Not all outsourcing is offshore though. A significant amount of onshore outsourcing is done by businesses of all sizes today. Reshoring, (a somewhat silly term) is now an increasing trend, especially in IT and manufacturing as the drawbacks of offshore outsourcing become more apparent and domestic providers become more competitive.

How You Can Outsource Basic Processes- Today!

If you feel like you’re swamped or you need to ramp up some aspect of your business process, you can get started right now. You don’t even have to actually own a company. As in that former developer’s case, you don’t really need to have anything except a fair amount of capital to get started. Whoishostingthis.com breaks down how you can outsource “everything”:

The Lazy Geek’s Guide to Outsourcing Everything [Infographic] by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Via WhoIsHostingThis.com

For smaller domestic businesses – even sole proprietorships – outsourcing can be a huge equalizer, often allowing a fighting chance in markets that were once restricted to bigger players. Admittedly, outsourcing is a very touchy topic for many entrepreneurs. But judging from general trends in the past few decades, it seems that it may very well be an unavoidable consequence of a truly global market.

Today, it often ends up not being a question of “if” would you outsource your business, but “how” you plan to.

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