8 Postcard Ideas from Our Awesome Customers

Looking for a way to use postcards creatively? Take a look at how our customers use this powerful tool for their marketing campaigns and personal projects:

Postcards to Complete the Packaging Experience

1. Mercado Lula

Mercado Lula and their product with postcard in the packaging

Mercado Lula sells carefully curated artisan food products, kitchenware, home goods, personal care products, cookbooks, and specialty items made locally and in México. They printed menu postcards and recipe cards that they included in the packaging.

Speaking from experience, the owner shares, “PrintRunner has allowed me to create attractive and unique packaging and marketing materials that have definitely set Mercado Lula apart.

Visit mercadolula.com or follow @hellomercadolula to explore more of México – its products and gastronomy.

2. WodBottom

Wodbottom Products with Thank You Postcards

WodBottom’s line of quality athletic apparel is made for fun and function and designed to add personality to your workout. They also give back to DAIS (Domestic Abuse Intervention Services) and strive to remove the shame felt by survivors of domestic violence through open dialog and community building.

We love using PrintRunner for our postcards. The prices can’t be beat, and the quality is great AND consistent. We use PrintRunner postcards for first-time buyers, 2nd time-buyers, future sales, or raising awareness for our annual holiday, Swole Sisters Day.

Check out their stuff on www.wodbottom.com or follow them on Instragram @wodbottom.

3. Moonglow Jewelry

Moonglow Jewelry

Co-creator and Creative Director, Aurelie Dudziak, shares that the inspiration for creating their cards is to make customers see that their package was put together by hand, with care.

We wanted to give every order a personal touch and emphasize the excitement and emotion of remembering a special moment.

The brand creates beautiful jewelry with a lunar charm that’s designed to absorb light by day and glow in dark environments.

Find out how you can experience your #MooonglowMoment at www.moonglow.com.

4. Jessica Hearts

Jessica Hearts

Jessica Hearts spreads joy and sparks creativity with its beautiful collection of stationery sets and stickers. Every order comes with a thank you postcard, with an inspiring message to keep you motivated – to keep going and stay connected.

Check out their lovely sets and bundles at www.shopjessicahearts.com or follow them on IG @shopjessicahearts.

Postcards to Increase Brand Awareness

5. Rick Baldwin Studio

Rick Baldwin Promo Postcard

Rick Baldwin is an Atlanta-based artist, cartoonist, illustrator, and podcaster. Among his creative projects is the Beasts of Baldwin where he creates pet caricatures from information gathered about your pet.

Check out his works on www.rickbaldwinstudio.com/beastsofbaldwin and follow @rickbaldwinstudio IG for updates.

6. Paw Books – Astoria

The Paw Elementary Series

Author Katie Melko created The Paw Elementary Series to help families and children tackle fearful first experiences. The children’s book include stories meant to encourage young ones to face their fear of going to the dentist for the first time and learning how to swim.

Katie came up with a brilliant idea to reinforce the messages of the Paw Elementary Series by printing inspirational postcards that highlight the values of bravery, positivity, creativity, and courage.

Visit the website or catch her latest updates on Facebook and Instagram.

Send Out Postcards to Keep in Touch

7. Dravet Syndrome Foundation

To stay connected with their community, Dravet Syndrome Foundation (DSF) mailed postcards to reassure families that the entire community is determined to keep in touch.

DSF decided to pivot and re-imagine events that were most important to their patient community and found creative ways to best handle the challenges brought by COVID-19.

If you want to learn more about DSF and what they do, visit www.dravetfoundation.org

8. @artbymalinic – Graphic Design Student

Stay Safe Postcard by artbymalinic IG

Most of us rely on technology to stay connected, but graphic design student @artbymalinic wants to send more than a digital “stay safe”. Through postcards, she lets loved ones know she’s thinking of their safety during this difficult time.

Because of the coronavirus situation, I thought it would be a great idea to design some postcards to send to my friends and family as a show of love and support.

Postcards definitely have diverse uses. You can use it for business promotions or personal projects. We hope you get valuable ideas from our handpicked examples from our customers above.

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